10 Hilarious Signs You’re a Keto Dieter

A couple of weeks ago I asked a group of 70,000+ keto dieters to finish this sentence:

“You know you're a keto dieter when..”

Some of the answers were very truthful, some amusing, and some downright hilarious. I tried to compile the most common themes or “signs” of a keto dieter.

And so, here are 10 hilarious signs that you're a keto dieter:

1. You Carry Weird Snacks

Do you keep a bag of cooked bacon in your purse? Do you carry real butter with you just so you can add it to your coffee? If so, you might be a keto dieter!

When I asked, keto people reported carrying everything from Himalayan salt and butter, to bacon and hard boiled eggs with them.

Speaking of… here are some ideas for ketogenic snacks to stock up on!

“You have a little baggie of Himalayan pink salt on your desk at work to munch on.” – Jennifer

“You carry pork rinds in your purse.” – Mary

“When someone looks in your purse and you have only a hard boiled egg and bacon in there.” – Terr

2. You Can't be Blamed for Farts

This one could go either way. Some people on the keto diet complain that they actually have more gas. In my experience, this is only in the beginning when your body is adjusting to the diet.

After the body adjusts, I've actually found the opposite to be true, that I have much less gas than ever before. I'm not alone. Many other keto dieters report the same.

“I remember the day I realized I hadn't tooted in weeks lol” – Amanda

3. Everything Smells Like Bacon

You never guessed that you would eat this much bacon in your life and not feel guilty. But, bacon is a true friend of the keto dieter!

That means that you (and your house) often smell like Bacon.

The most amazing part? You can eat all of the fatty bacon that you want and still lose weight.

Your house perpetually smells like bacon grease – Becky

“When you eat bacon cheeseburgers, bacon n eggs, or just bacon with side of bacon and your pants are falling off.” – Angie

4. You Have Piles of Clothes that Don't Fit

It's a blessing and a curse.

On one hand, you're losing weight faster than you have with any other type of diet.

On the other hand, you have a ton of clothes to sort through and get rid of, and a whole new wardrobe to purchase!

“You have a pile of dirty clothes and a pile of clothes that don't fit anymore.” – Julie

“When you put ALL your clothes in the dryer on high heat and hope they shrink!.” – Kathryn

5. You Try to Figure Out the Carb Count in EVERYTHING

Counting carbs has become your past time.

You try to figure out the lowest carb count of everything when you go out to eat, at family gatherings, and more.

You know you're officially a keto dieter when…

“You try and figure out the carb count in holy communion.” – Jill

6. You Find Creative Ways to Eat Out

You ask for a burger with no bun. You ask for a salad instead of french fries. You pick restaurants with meat and veggie options.

And if all else fails, you eat the toppings right off of a pizza (or order wings, like Janet).

“When you order a burger at a restaurant and they look at you weird for saying “hold my buns”” – David

“At the pizza place you order wings.” – Janet

10 Hilarious Signs You're a Keto Dieter

7. You Hoard Keto Friendly Foods

You get excited about sales on stuff like eggs, cheese, avocados, butter, and bacon.

You buy enough quantities of these items that the cashier asks if you're shopping for a month worth of meat and fats, but you politely inform them that you're only stocking up for the week.

“You buy 2 kilos of unripe avocados in preparation.” – Natalie

“You see bacon/meat/cheese/Kerrygold on sale and you buy the whole shelf!” – Lynette

“when 5lbs of bacon in the freezer causes massive panic of a bacon shortage.” – Teresa

8. Your Friends and Family Worry

They see you losing weight. They see you looking healthy.

Friends and family still seem to find a way to criticize your low carb lifestyle and tell you about how unhealthy it is for you, even though they haven't done the research (like you have).

“your friends and family express concern while simultaneously telling you how great you look.” – Geoff

“When everyone freaks out about having heavy whipped cream cos it's ‘soooo fattening' but you eat it daily and your 7 kgs down…. Yes!!” – Katrina

9. You're NOT Hungry All. The. Time.

Once you're keto adapted, you just don't get hungry like you did before. You can forget entire meals and not even notice.

“Oh! When you eat dinner at the end of the day and are STUFFED amd satisfied and realize you still have calories and macros etc left over that you need to eat!”- Carmen

“When a whole day has gone by and you realize you haven't eaten anything but butter in your coffee.” – Betz

9. You Have More Energy Than Ever

After the initial stages of adapting your body to the keto way of eating, you'll notice an increase in energy. Many keto dieters report that they feel better than they have in years.

“When you see your ankles for the first time in years and say WOW this way of eating WORKS 💕.” – Angie

“When I go on a long arduous physically demanding hike and everyone has to stop and eat a Clif bar, trail mix, or carby fruit and I just smile and sip some water ready to push onward.” – Nicholas

10 Hilarious Signs You're a Keto Dieter

Are you a keto dieter? Do you identify with any of these signs that you are a keto dieter?

Let us know in the comments!

Ian Walsh