Hi, I'm Vanessa, creator, and curator of Nerdy Millennial.

I started blogging nearly 10 years ago at Natural Family Today, a blog all about living happier, healthier lives through a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, real food, and mindfulness.

I decided to branch out to other topics and start the Nerdy Millennial blog, eventually merging both blogs in the summer of 2018. I have always utilized my blog as a platform for other writers and experts to share their experiences and expertise as well.

Nerdy Millennial all about millennials sharing their passions, ideas, and expertise. We love to share our knowledge about blogging, healthy living, psychology, arts, culture, and more!

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Here's my story…

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2005 and realized I needed to change the way I lived. I began by changing to a “real food” diet, which did begin to make me feel better. I also tried the GAPS healing diet for over 6 months with great results.

Although I was feeling better and eating healthier, I was still severely overweight. I started a Keto / Low Carb diet in August 2015. I have lost (as of Feb 2019) over 80 lbs. The last time I can remember feeling this healthy was before my oldest child was born in 2006.

My passion for helping people has led me to pursue various related educational opportunities. I attended classes to become a Life Coach at Light University Online, which has given me the knowledge needed to help people set and achieve their personal and professional life goals. I also completed a B.S. in Psychology at UNK in December 2018 and am currently pursuing an M.S. in Clinical Psychology at ESU.