Week 18 of Pregnancy

Natural Pregnancy Week 18: Baby’s Senses Awaken and Embracing Your Changing Body

Welcome to week 18 of your natural pregnancy journey! This week, your baby’s development takes a significant leap as its senses begin to awaken. Additionally, it’s time to embrace and celebrate the changes in your body as you nurture new life. Baby’s Development Your baby’s development in week 18 of pregnancy is an exciting and…

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two involved parents

Parallel Parenting vs. Co-Parenting: Understanding the Key Differences

Parallel parenting and co-parenting are commonly used strategies for separated or divorced parents, promoting cooperation and providing support. Understanding the key differences between these parenting styles is crucial for choosing the right approach. Parallel parenting focuses on minimizing conflict and establishing separate spheres of influence, granting autonomy in decision-making within each household. Co-parenting emphasizes collaboration,…

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Take Time for Yourself During Pregnancy

Preparing for Pregnancy

Are you considering having a baby? There are so many different things you need to take into consideration to determine whether this is the right decision for you and in order to be able to prepare yourself for the process. Here are a few tips that can really help to prepare you for pregnancy. Complications…

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