12 Tools To Aid Your Business Projects & Finances

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Your creative ideas are only as good as their execution. You might have big plans for a project, but if the project isn’t sufficiently managed, the results are quickly compromised. Managing a project well relies upon the right skills, yet there are also plenty of tools out there that can lend you and your skills and helping hand! Another key concern when it comes to project management is the budget; getting it right is crucial to the smooth management of the operation. For some handy tools to help manage both your projects and your finances, the following are certainly worth a go.

Accounting Tools

1. Quickbooks

Quickbooks is a popular piece of accounting software to make your business life a whole lot easier. Companies can choose from QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Pro Plus options. With Quickbooks, bills are collected and monitored with the bill tracking feature, and it’s simple to export data for reports or organize accounting notes. It’s also easy to save transactions for each item imported to your inventory database.

You’ll access an accountant toolbox feature that allows you to solve issues as appropriate. Quickbooks offers plenty of other handy features, including simplified customer forms, deposit slips, and the option to download credit card or bank transactions. 

  1. Wave 

Wave is an excellent piece of business software that includes invoicing and accounting. Wave allows you to keep the process of accounting simple so that you can ease the stress of organizing taxes, chasing payments, and so on. Wave arrives with a user-friendly dashboard, plus it’s free to use.

You’ll find that the automatic invoicing and billing features saves your business plenty of time. Wave provides the option of either direct deposits or online pay stubs to make payments to your different teams. Other features include yearly record-keeping and direct credit card payments.

  1. Zoho Books 

Zoho Books is another popular accounting choice for developing businesses. It’s very easy to navigate and can help you to make informed decisions based on your data. Zoho offers features such as balance sheets, cash flow statements, and invoice trackers. Zoho removes the need for data entry and allows you to import credit card or bank transactions seamlessly.

The software also offers some handy collaborative features whereby users can comment on estimated invoices. With Zoho, you can also manage your stocks, orders, and inventory reports. Other features include project time tracking and a mobile-ready interface. 

  1. 17hats 

17hats allows companies to manage their meetings, scheduling, and billing. This app provides options that allow you to get paid immediately, without having to remind clients and customers. There are also features whereby you can create online contracts for an easy online signing process. With 17 hats, you’ll find great features such a lead generation, workflow automation, payment reminders, and client profile management. Once you’ve tried 17hats, you’ll wonder how you managed without it.

  1. Bench accounting 

Bench accounting provides businesses with accounting and bookkeeping services to stay organized and boost productivity. Along with accounting tools, the service allocates professional bookkeepers to their business clients. Using Bench software, businesses can upload their receipts, transaction documents, and spreadsheets. With top services like this, you’ll ensure that your books are always entirely accurate. Bench offers interactive and detailed financial statements which are separated into a variety of categories, helping to keep spending organized. With Bench, there’s no more guesswork in taking a look at your revenue, net pay, expenses, or profit; you can access the financial info you need to make fast and informed company decisions.




  1. Gusto 


Gusto can help your business to simplify your payroll, HR processes, and benefits. Gusto allows users to automate payments and calculations to save your company time and stress. There are both checking and bank deposit options for payments plus a simple procedure for end of year forms. With Gusto’s tax help, you’ll avoid errors and gain time back to focus your efforts elsewhere. Gusto is useful to streamline your HR process via organising all of your employee data in one place. Employees can access and make changes to their data, which is helpful to aid the productivity of a range of tasks. 


 Project Management Tools


1 . Monday.com 


Monday.com is a top collaboration tool which will enable your team to thrive in no time. The software syncs all of your information together for far improved efficiency. Within Monday.com, you’ll find a mainboard with all the tasks and projects listed together. You can even send invites to those outside Monday.com, should they need to access information here. The tool makes collaboration really simple; users just have to click on any given action to make a change or open a discussion. You can upload a huge range of different files into Monday.com plus access a live Twitter or Facebook feed, which tracks discussions as they go. Another key benefit of Monday.com is that it’s great for analytics too. The platform works to collect tasks and store them in a spreadsheet. Monday.com also features motivational tools, display boards of progress, pasting options from Adobe, and integrations with tools such as Google Drive and Dropbox. 


2 . Jira 


Jira allows users to prioritise their workload with maximum ease. With this tool, you can design customized workflows to ensure high levels of productivity. Jira allows you to be totally flexible with your project management. You can capture data easily and offer every team member total clarity across the appropriate processes. Your team will get instant notifications to comment, share, or to attach relevant files. Further features of Jira include customizable workflows, advanced reporting of issues and source integration, plus excellent filtering options.


  1. Mavenlink


Mavenlink is a great project management tool, whether for small or larger businesses. You’ll access resource management, project accounting, and team collaboration all in one place. With Mavenlink, you can easily access all of your projects and the associated financials, including any files related to these tasks. Handy charts provide you and your team with a clear picture of timelines and progress. It’s easy to change given deadlines via handy drag and drop features. Mavenlink allows you to control your project budgets as well as monitor the time spent on each task. What’s more, Mavenlink will enable you to keep track of industry trends and access future forecasts. The software also offers Quickbooks integration, personnel planning, and SSL security. 


  1. Asana 


Asana is an awesome project management tool to boost the efficiency of your operations. With Asana, you can achieve maximum organization plus a highly structured workflow. To keep on top of everything, you can monitor projects throughout each and every stage. There are also visual project plans for improved clarity. It’s simple to see how work is progressing and share info across your different teams. In Asana, you’ll access custom calendars, a handy activity feed, focus modes, and notifications.


  1. Clarizen


Clarizen offers a top project management solution for businesses of any size. There are a few different versions of Clarizen, for instance ‘Clarizen One’ is generally aimed at larger businesses, while Clarizen Go is probably more suited to small teams. You’ll access total visibility over workstreams for maximum focus and success. The tool offers a user friendly interface so that no time is wasted at any stage of your projects. Project managers will enjoy a piece of software that ensures that tasks are completed within the correct budget and in a timely fashion. With Clarizen your administration tasks are simplified too. Each module can be found on one navigation bar plus it’s simple to search for the data you need or add notes. 


  1. Quire 


Quire allows you to achieve great ideas by breaking these visions into smaller achievable steps. Quire uses a ‘tree structure’ which is a little different from many other project management apps. Users are asked to input their ideas, which are then turned into actionable tasks. It’s a free tool, so it’s ideal for businesses who want a great solution without paying top dollar. For amazing collaboration features, Quire really delivers. It’s simple to integrate Quire with Slack if users wish to make use of both tools simultaneously. Many businesses prefer Quire because it does not set a limit on the amount of tasks that you can add to a project. 


With so many useful tech tools out there, a large variety of tasks can be automated to save you time and money. As well as this, adopting the top solutions to complete your business operations will help your business thrive. The more that you attempt to improve the efficiency of your processes, the more likely that you will gain an advantage over your competitors.