5 Tips for Successful Online Dating

5 Tips for Successful Online Dating

If you’re a struggling single looking for companionship, online dating can be a game-changer for you. As the pandemic still affects our daily lives, many singles are turning to dating apps and other online dating platforms to help get their love lives back on track. If you are not sure how to start your online dating journey, here are some tips on how to successfully date online: 

1. Build Your Ideal Profile 

Creating your online dating profile can seem stressful; you want it to be eye-catching and interesting without making yourself seem desperate. If you aren’t sure how to start crafting your ideal dating profile, then ask your friends to help, or you can even look at others’ profiles for inspiration. Remember to avoid clichés and use your bio to express your interests that could be later used as a conversation starter. 

When it comes to choosing your profile picture, remember that it’s the first thing a potential match will see, so choose something to set yourself up for a good first impression. If you feel like none of your photos are up to par or worthy of making your default picture, then have an impromptu photoshoot to give you a reason to look and feel good.

If you need help with any insecurities that would stop you from posting a recent picture, like bad acne, then consider buying acne patches or a full coverage foundation to boost your confidence and tackle those insecurities. 

2. Make The First Move 

Sending the first message is never easy, and you might be faced with rejection, however, don’t let that be the reason you don’t make the first step. If you’re a man and not sure how to approach a woman, try to show interest in some of her hobbies displayed in her bio or profile picture.

Sending a flirty message can be fun, but don’t let that be the opener. You don’t want to come across as creepy or over the top by being overly complimentary. If she mentions an obscure movie or band, use that as a conversation starter and express your desire to check them out.

If you’re a woman, remember that most men are easy, and a simple hi can go a long way. Mention what stood out about their profile and caught your attention to help get the conversation going. Making the first move will help you stand out from the crowd and make you come across as confident and approachable.

3. Communicate To Keep Things Fresh 

With COVID-19 still at the forefront of many people’s anxieties, potential meetups might take longer than expected but don’t take personally. There is no rush to meet in person, so use this time to get to know your matches and build trust! If texting is your primary form of communication, but you want to spice things up then pitch a virtual date via Zoom or Facetime to help get the ball rolling.

Treat this virtual date as a first date, and suggest cooking the same meal from the comfort of your own homes. You can also introduce some icebreaker questions to help get the conversation flowing, which will also help stray the discussion from small talk that can lead to awkward pauses. This is an excellent way to see if your communication style is compatible with your match and keep things exciting.

4. Be Patient And Stay Persistent 

Online dating can have its up and downs, and one of the most important things to keep in mind is that patience is vital. Whether you’re looking for something casual or something more serious, remember that building a relationship takes time.

It’s easy to feel discouraged if you’re not getting the responses you want, but if you keep building your profile and stay active, things will slowly turn around. Once you finally meet that special someone, remember that there is no timeline for when or how your relationship should develop.

Staying persistent is necessary, however, be careful that you are not mistaking being persistent with being annoying. After sending your initial message, give yourself a couple of days before following up and if you are still not receiving a response then send your last-ditch message before calling it quits. Calling or sending overly long messages can come across as insecure or unaware. Investing in a new relationship should be healthy, and not time-consuming, 

5. Get Ready To Connect 

Although it might not feel like it, things won’t be like this forever, so it’s important to start prepping for any potential reconnection with your boo in person. If you can find the perfect first date spot with outdoor seating, ask them to take the next step to see if you click in person. Keep things fun and prepare your first date topics. While on this date, it’s crucial to be an active listener and make a good impression. 

If you are anticipating a sleepover afterward, pack a quick overnight bag with all the overnight essentials like your favorite pajama set and deodorant. If spending the night has you feeling nervous, talk to your partner about any reservations you might have. An open discussion beforehand will help get you both on the same page.

If your sex-related nerves lead to any difficulties like vaginal dryness or ED, consider purchasing a personal lubricant to help enhance your night or an erectile dysfunction pill like Cialis to boost flow and get you ready for anything. However, if you’re not comfortable, remember that first dates should be enjoyable, so don’t feel pressured to do anything you don’t want! 

Online dating comes with a lot of worries and anxiety, but remember, you should be having fun and enjoying the conversation between you and your matches while staying safe!