3 Keys To Permanent Weight Loss

by Jenn Edden

Losing weight and keeping it off can be so tricky. So many diets contradict each other that it’s no wonder you’re confused about which one to stick to and for how long.

There is no diet that is right for everyone therefore by following Jenn’s 3 keys to permanent weight loss you can free yourself of the dieting mentality and simply start to enjoy what you eat without the worry of gaining weight.

1. Don’t skip meals.

When you’re rushing around all day it’s so easy to forget to eat or skip a meal because you just don’t stop and make the time. Blood sugar that rises and falls all day causes cravings for sweets and can mess with your metabolism.

You may find you also tend to overeat at the next meal when you wait too many hours to eat. When blood sugar is stabilized by eating foods with protein and healthy fat such as eggs with avocado for breakfast you give your body what it needs to have sustained energy and a revved up metabolism.

2. Go organic.

Chemicals sprayed on food lodges in your cells and slows down your metabolism. Not to mention eating chemicals also causes cravings for sugar which is a huge contributor of getting Type 1 diabetes and for sure gaining weight.

By eating foods that are labeled USDA organic you are making certain that pesticides and harmful chemicals that are sprayed on produce is reduced and/or eliminated. For animal protein, going organic means that the animals themselves are not being injected with hormones and antibiotics which you then eat!

3. Learn to eat and enjoy real food.

In this day and age of an overabundance of “convenience” foods everywhere you turn, there is an understandable confusion around what is and is not real food. The best way to tell if something is real food is that it will spoil if you leave it out such as oranges, chicken, eggs, broccoli.

The other way to tell real food from processed foods is that real food doesn’t come packaged with a 3 year expiration date! Examples are an orange versus orange juice, edamame versus soy milk, cheese versus cheez-its.

About the Author:

Jenn Edden is a sugar addiction expert, author and empowerment coach.

Jenn healed herself of gastritis at 22 years old and survived a near death gas explosion at 28 yrs old. It became very clear that she had a calling to teach others the same techniques she used to heal herself naturally and break free from her sugar addiction.

How many times do you get to the end of our day wishing you could have done it differently and for sure with more energy and feeling like you made smart eating choices all day long!

Jenn teaches you how to take back control of what you eat and drink without dieting, deprivation or denial. She delivers real, long lasting results in a simple and manageable way.

For quick tips on how to get control of your sugar addiction + grab a copy of Jenn’s book: Woman Unleashed, visit www.jecoaching.com.

Jenn Edden, CHHC

Sugar Addiction Expert, Author & Empowerment Coach