3 Ways a Master’s Degree Enhances Employability

Don't Be Another Lame Job Application

Despite the usually high costs associated with acquiring a master’s degree, it’s worth every penny spent. Besides having a lifetime qualification that never expires or needs renewal, this academic certificate also boosts your status and employability. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 33% of employers favor potential employees with a master’s degree. This proves why a postgraduate degree increases employability. How does this degree impact what a potential employer thinks about you? Below are a few ways.

It enhances your skillset

The job market today focuses on specific areas such as leadership and management. These two are in high demand as they form the foundation for other skill sets such as communication, negotiation, etc. As you work toward your career path, it would help if you often evaluated your current skill set to determine how fit and relevant they are to the 21st-century job market. Having a master’s degree helps develop these skills and equips you with the knowledge you need to thrive in the job market. 

With a carefully selected course and practical work that comes with acquiring a master’s, you inadvertently sharpen skills you may not have utilized before or considered necessary. For example, it’s mandatory to gain insight into negotiation and employee administration when you study leadership and management. Moreover, C-suite executives lookout for these inherent and acquired characteristics in job seekers. Therefore, with a master’s degree, you gain access to a world of employable skills that make you stand out from the lot.

It serves as proof of your desire to grow

Usually, job applicants show a desire to learn and grow in any job setting. Fortunately, when an applicant possesses a master’s degree, it’s undeniable evidence of a desire to progress and achieve more in a field. 

Going further to acquire a postgraduate degree shows employers that you’re ready to bring something new to their establishment. Furthermore, it indicates a personal desire to self-develop, and that’s a notable character trait that employers look out for. For example, as the world continues to fight the COVID pandemic, it’s an opportune time to enroll in a Masters in public health administration course, which is highly useful and beneficial in these current times. It also shows your ambition to know more and succeed.

It shows an ability to adapt and excel in a challenging environment

The dynamics of a master’s degree course are different from a bachelor’s and enable the learner to think laterally, apply principles to practical work and learn more about the work environment. By extension, you acquire time management concepts and gain relevant knowledge on making effective and efficient use of available resources. The ability to adapt and excel is a mark of flexibility that employers regard highly from potential employees.

Acquiring a master’s degree positions you to perform better in the job market while equipping you with the skills you need to advance in your career. Hopefully, the above-listed reasons will give you just the push you need to get started.