4 Tips For Using Drone Photography to Grow Your Instagram

4 Tips For Using Drone Photography to Grow Your Instagram

Did you know that 1 billion people use Instagram every month? It makes the photo-sharing platform one of the most popular social media network. Chances are, you are probably on it too! Over 500 million users log into Instagram on a daily basis; meaning that if you know how to handle social media posting and networking, you could build a significant presence.

Successful influencers on Instagram come from a variety of backgrounds. For some, the idea is to establish themselves as influencers in their niche market, as a way of building partnerships with brands. For others, the Insta-success is all about the likes – oh, precious social approvals. But regardless of their goals, what do successful influencers have in common?

Start with the basics: A decent picture

The main quality of Instagram is the instant ability to share a picture. It is also its biggest downfall as, when you share in a click, you might be tempted to take your photos just as quickly or dare we say, carelessly. If you’re at the beginning of your Insta-journey, there is no need to invest in a professional camera – unless you have one already.

Your smartphone camera can take high-quality pictures as long as you follow some useful tips. One of the most common mistakes is to zoom instead of getting closer to the subject – never zoom, you’ll get low-quality pixelated photos. Additionally, a dirty lens can ruin your picture – and lenses can get smudged when you carry your phone in your purse!

Offer something out of the ordinary

It takes time to develop your photo-taking skills, but once you’ve acquired a sense of how to take a good picture with your phone, it’s the right time to invest in a camera and additional props. Creating a unique shot is not specifically the key to fame on Instagram, but it’s guaranteed to get you noticed. Therefore, once you feel more confident about frame your photographs, you can look for new equipment.

Drone photography is an excellent alternative to landscape pictures – take a look at sites that provide advice and extras for drones such as off-roadlights.com for guidance. When it comes to drone images, though, you need to make sure you’ve got a flying license!

Capture easy likes

More often than not, within a social community, appreciation feeds more appreciation. What this means is that if your pictures have likes, they’re going to attract more of them. Thankfully, you can use some of the best Instagram tips to build your way up to a popular position.

Finding the best and most relevant hashtags, as seen here oberlo.co.uk, can save you a lot of efforts in getting noticed. You’ll find useful tools online that generate likable hashtags, such as #dronepictures.

4 Tips For Using Drone Photography to Grow Your Instagram

Learn the rules of the platform

With 1 billion active users, building an engaging presence can be challenging. According to studies, the key is to maintain your post frequency to 1-2 posts daily, tell a story, and maximize the range of video formats. For drones, editing the video is crucial! In short, it’s hard work to get to the top of Instagram!

Whether you’re a blogger, a trendy Millennial, or just trying to develop your creative side hustle, Instagram is an interactive platform that can take you to the top. Not every user is going to build an instant Insta-fame. But with the right tools and tips, you can create a popular profile and establish your individual presence.