4 Unique Ideas For Hosting A Memorable Corporate Event

Corporate events can be a bit bland and dry, with people attending them because they’re expected to rather than by choice. But even the most run-of-the-mill event, like training or a seminar, can be made exciting and memorable. Implementing unique ideas when planning such a corporate event will spark interest in the attendees. And when people come willingly, engagement and results are better.

Engage The Audience

Whether your attendees choose to be there or must be there, get them to engage by creating talking points. An engaged audience is one that pays attention and thinks about what's going on. Try having entertainment passing through the crowd at lunch or host small group activities relevant to the function theme. These unexpected things may not be the event's focal point, but they open natural conversations and help attendees connect. It's hard to focus on a wall of speech and data all day; breaking it up and getting people talking reinforces what the event is about while building a sense of loyalty and trust with your brand.


Choosing a fun corporate event venue while still having it appropriate for the event is possible. After a long day of sitting and listening to speakers talking, people want to stretch and move, meaning ending the day with a sit-down dinner only unappealing. Opting for a venue that offers alternatives is a more attractive proposition for those invited to attend. A buffet dinner allows people to stand and mingle, while entertainment such as a show or dancing ends the function on a fun and social note.


Everyone loves a freebie, and businesspeople are no different in this respect. Offering goody bags to take home is sure to lift people's moods and get them talking. Team up with relevant companies for sponsorship by having them donate merchandise for your bags. Also, include items with your company branding, especially if the event has external people attending. Keep the contents relevant to the event and your industry, but remember, people love a surprise, too, so going off-spec with something unique is appreciated.


We've all become used to attending virtual meetings and events over the last couple of years, and utilizing that technology should continue going forward. Creating a virtual space for those who can't be at the event in person means no one needs to miss out anymore. Taking this approach allows event organizers to make their event more inclusive, opening their brand up to a broader, more receptive audience. Don’t forget to send a swag bag to virtual attendees either, as receiving one includes them in the fun and is more eco-friendly than people traveling long distances.

No longer must corporate events be dry, dull affairs where attendees sit and attempt to concentrate on a wall of speech all day. Bringing some imagination into the planning stage will create a memorable event that people have engaged positively with and want to return to again next time.