5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid when Beginning a New Workout Routine

5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid when Beginning a New Workout Routine

You probably don't need to be told about the benefits of exercise. But you may not know some of the mistakes to avoid when beginning a new workout routine. Here are some common ones.

Not Being Social when Exercising

After years of TV and chocolate, starting a new, healthy lifestyle is always a good thing. However, it's not an easy task, and people who aren't supported tend to give up. On the other hand, there are many people interested these days in exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. With the help of your friends and family, you can learn new routines, and you can go to social workout classes like HOTWORX. The gym staff and trainers make taking care of your diet and training easy. These professionals also motivate you to achieve your goals. 

Buying Cheaper Gear than You Need

Like anything, you need the right gear for working out. For example, if you purchase a cheap pair of running shoes, they aren't likely to last very long. And this will cost you more over time. So get the best you can afford. Some gear can be expensive, but you need to check certain things even if money is no object. For instance, make sure your gym gear is comfortable and suitable for your routine. For example, you don't want loose t-shirts for lifting weights. Also, try to get ventilated gear to allow your body to cool, and never use equipment that doesn't fit right.

Mistakes to Avoid Include Skipping the Warm-Up

You can make your muscles more flexible by warming them up. Your age, inactivity, and lack of exercise might be contributing factors. But the reason is that muscle elasticity decreases with age. Warm-up your muscles before exercising by stretching, rotating, and running on the spot for 10 minutes. Having warmed up properly will prepare your muscles and joints for more strenuous exercise and loosening and oxygenating them. You can reduce the adverse and often painful effects of strenuous exercise by stretching and becoming a little more elastic. 

Being Embarrassed About the Gym

People are often discouraged from exercising at a gym due to embarrassment. While bullies are rare at the gym, they are not impossible to run into. However, you will find that most gym-goers are friendly and will do whatever they can to help you if you need it. In addition, gym employees are highly trained. With their help, you will be able to learn how to set up a machine, find exercises that are appropriate for your level, and get encouragement from them while you work out. There is nothing to be afraid of, and your new friends are there and waiting for you. 

Not Getting Yourself Motivated

Starting a new routine can be challenging if you aren't used to it. Even getting out of bed can be tricky, and after that, it's time to go to work. Additionally, you might have family responsibilities such as caring for children as a parent or maintaining the house as a couple. In short, simply existing can be exhausting. But it is vital to begin exercising because it actually alleviates fatigue and increases motivation. In addition, by creating an exercise routine, you provide yourself with something to look forward to, which in itself gets you motivated for exercise.


Just living can be a challenge these days. But you need to develop a routine to get you motivated for your workouts. Try to be social when exercising and stay safe with proper gear.