5 Careers That Are In Demand Right Now

5 Careers That Are In Demand Right Now

Some industries can be hugely competitive. However, there are others that are calling out for recruits. If you’ve been struggling to get a job or fancy a career shift, the following careers could be ideal options.

Software development

There’s been a huge growth in demand for software developers in the last couple of decades as all information is becoming digitized. Businesses are now employing teams of developers to create and maintain these personalized programs and apps.

Such roles are often very well paid with opportunities for progression. Building such software requires learning to code, which you can learn yourself or through a course. Having an official qualification is likely to help when getting hired – there are many courses out there such as this Boston University MS in Software Development that you can take online.

Electronics engineering

Just as the need for digital software is growing, so is the need for digital hardware. Electronics engineers are responsible for designing, building and maintaining this hardware. This includes everything from smartphones to satellites.

Such roles can also be very well paid with a similar chance of progression. To get into electrical engineering you’ll need to take a course and gain an official qualification. University courses aren’t the only way to get into electronics engineering and there are other educational schemes that may be better suited to some people.


There’s currently a shortage of nurses. This includes registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and carers. The highest levels of nursing will usually require a degree such as this Grand Canyon University nursing BSN.

More basic roles may be possible to get into without going to university, although some training may still be required. Nursing can be a very rewarding career and there are lots of avenues to explore from at-home care to work in a hospital ward.


The number of children in the world is constantly growing, which means more teachers are needed to educate these children. Like nursing, teaching can be very rewarding due to the nature of the work.

You’ll need to obtain a teaching qualification and license, as well as a degree in your chosen subject (if teaching at high school). There are many schools to choose from, including schools abroad, in which you can use search for work.

Construction labor

Construction is also a trade that is in high demand. Laborers are particularly sought after and are required on an array of projects from residential to commercial construction. Construction labor can be a great hands-on job for those that enjoy physical work and it can be incredibly rewarding.

In many cases, no higher education is required, although training and other qualifications can help you to get hired. It’s worth exploring all the different routes into construction to find the one that’s most practical for you.