5 Healthy Edible Flowers For Landscaping

Discover how fun things become when entertaining family and friends with edible flowers straight from your very own garden.

Learning how healthy edible flowers are is part of the excitement. You'll find that they benefit you, your garden, the soil and bring in all sorts of beneficial insects like Bees and Butterflies.

Your imagination is all that is required as you find yourself placing beautiful flowers in ice cubes for tea, or decorating green salads and pasta for that special luncheon.

1. Hibiscus Rosella

Hibiscus Rosella is my personal favorite. It is also known as the Florida cranberry because the flavor is quite similar. The blossoms can be harvested or when fully matured the calyx is formed from the flower into a strange looking fruit.

The health benefits are all very similar to what you would receive from a cranberry. To find out more read Texas Rosella Harvest.

2. Heirloom Antique Rose

Heirloom Antique Rose petals are both beautiful and are sweet as apples or spicy sweet. It all depends on the variety, so have fun with them.

Float the petals in beverages or arrange them on pretty dessert platters.

For a bonus of vitamin C,  look for varieties that produce rose hips.


3. Johnny Jump Ups

Johnny Jump Ups are so pretty when sugar frosted and dried to place on cupcakes.

They are a whole lot of fun added to your ice cubes or to garnish salads.

They are mildly sweet tasting and make the best natural ground cover and mulch in the garden.


4. Hollyhocks

Hollyhocks taste a bit bitter, but what a showy flower to add to tea or to garnish with.

It is very useful for treating sore throats and to help control coughing spells.

You might find them quite helpful in the garden by controlling a lot of different leaf-eating insects.

5. Cactus Fruit Nopalea

Cactus Fruit Nopalea make wonderful drinks and very nutritious for juicing enthusiasts.

They make a superb salad dressing as well as jams and jellies.

The fruit of these cactus flowers contain a rare form of antioxidant as well as many other very beneficial nutrients. For more information read Juicing Cactus Fruits.

Did you know flowers could be so much fun? For 5 more different flower ideas visit The Edible Flower Affair.

If you are already enjoying edible flowers in your garden, we welcome you to please share some of your favorites with us! Happy Gardening!

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