5 Jobs that are in Demand

5 Jobs that are in Demand

If you are thinking about what to major in at college, or are looking for a job sector to go into, then it is important to think about how safe a job will be. That isn’t talking about being safe and not breaking your leg in a job, but about the longevity of the career.

The world is changing, and many sectors, like retail, for example, are really changing and those industries don’t look like they did ten years ago. So choosing a career to go into, is something that is really important.

It can also be a good idea to think about different factors, like automation, urbanization and having an aging population. It can help to paint a picture of what the job market, and specific industries, will look like in ten years down the line. 

1. Teachers

There is always going to be a need for teachers, and teachers with a wide variety of different skills and knowledge. So that means that there will be a need for people that can teach subjects like English, math, and history, as well as things like philosophy and science.

Teaching jobs are never going to be replaced with automation or robotics, so it is a safe option to get into.

2. Skilled Tradespeople

Things like automation will impact manual work jobs, as they will be able to do different things. But the technology sector is not quite up to scratch, so tradespeople are pretty safe for now.

Things like joiners, carpenters, plumbers, glassmakers, and decorators, will have work for a long time too, as these are really skilled things that need a lot of expertise, and that people will still need the help of.

3. Healthcare Professionals

People are living longer, which is a great thing for a number of reasons. And one of the reasons is that there will need for a whole host of medical and healthcare professionals. Doctors, physiotherapists, counselors, and nurses will still be in demand.

In fact, getting a job in pathology will also be quite a good idea, as the research into disease and medicine will also be bustling, because of the population living longer and getting older.

4. Veterinary Nurses

It isn’t all about just us when thinking about households and jobs. Around half of all households own a pet in one way or another, so it is only logical that we have the care in place to care for our pets.

This is why vets and veterinary nurses will always be a job that there will be demand for. If you love animals and have a caring nature, then this could be the avenue for you to go down.

5. Engineers

There are more and more people who are moving to cities to different cities to work and live. So in order for people to be able to do that, there will be a need for engineers, in particular, electrical engineers, so that we can wire our homes.

Engineers will help with software and computing, as well as civil engineers that will help to design roads and so on.