5 Tips to Stop Your Backyard From Flooding

5 Tips to Stop Your Backyard From Flooding

Whether you’re passionate about natural gardening or want to do more with your outdoor space, you might have to make improvements before you can perfect it. Heavy rainfall can cause significant issues for backyards and cause numerous problems, including flooding and drowned plants. If your garden doesn't drain water effectively, here are some tips to stop your backyard from flooding. 

Clear Your Gutters 

Garden debris such as twigs and leaves can block your gutters making it difficult for rainwater to drain efficiently. If you leave it too long, you risk gutter damage that could affect your backyard since there is nowhere for water to drain properly. It’s best to clean your gutters regularly, especially during the wettest seasons to avoid any issues and protect your home from significant problems during and after storms. 

Direct Water Away From Your Garden 

You can also find ways to direct water away from the garden to ensure the grass and other areas do not become waterlogged. Installing a high-quality downpipe fixed above or pointing towards your outdoor drain ensures you can avoid many problems caused by heavy rain and poor drainage. You can also use a drain pipe extender to help water flow off the property towards a larger drain to protect your property and minimize the risk of any potentially dangerous issues. 

Collect Rainwater 

Many people use rainwater harvesting to make their gardens more sustainable. Placing water harvesting containers outside keeps the rain from pummeling your lawn and soil, which also protects the grass and your plants to keep them from becoming waterlogged as this can kill the plants because they get too much water. You can use this water for the plants, which saves money on your monthly water bill and gives you a sustainable garden care solution. 

Keep Your Lawn Healthy 

You can do everything to keep water from ruining your garden but this won’t matter if your lawn isn’t healthy enough. Poor drainage often leads to a waterlogged lawn that turns your outdoor area into a buggy mess, making it impossible to navigate. Speak to a landscaper to identify why your lawn isn’t draining correctly. You may need to replace the turf with grass that will absorb as much rain as possible and filter it through to prevent your garden from becoming muddy and unmanageable. 

Pick the Right Patio Surface 

You should also focus on the patio and driveway to ensure water drains correctly to prevent puddles. If water collects in dips when it rains, it’s a sign that the surface isn’t efficient enough to deal with rain and it can cause the space to flood during heavier storms. It’s best to choose a surface that drains easily, with many experts recommending pea gravel to enable hassle-free drainage.

Flood Free 

A flooded garden causes multiple issues you must fix if you want to get the most from your backyard. These tips can help you identify problems and find the best solutions to keep your outdoor space in excellent condition to make it prosperous and manageable.

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