6 Super Annoying Things That Are Holding Your Career Back

We all want to move forward at work. Higher pay, more recognition, bigger status: it all matters so much to us. 

But, unfortunately, there is stuff that holds us back. Little things (or sometimes big things) in our lives stop us from getting to where we want to be. 

Believing You’re “Owed” Success

Success comes from adding value to the lives of others. It doesn’t arrive just because you “deserve it.” Don’t go to work with the attitude that anyone owes you anything. Instead, go in with the desire to serve the needs of your customers and colleagues. If you do that, the money and promotions will follow naturally. 

Being Perfect

Trying to be perfect all the time is another major factor that holds people’s careers back. You want to do everything right, but you wind up not really doing anything at all. 

The reality is that being a perfectionist is a massive barrier for a lot of people. You’re trying to control everything, you never get the opportunity to improvise or even relax. And that comes through in your work. It feels wooden, inorganic, and lacking substance. It’s all about avoiding errors rather than doing something new and special. 

Bad Health

Sometimes, you can’t help having bad health. Bodies are “achy-breaky” things. But most people have health issues because of the choices they make. 

For instance, if you take illegal drugs, you’ll experience pre employment medical test fail procedures, which isn’t pleasant. You’ll also struggle to concentrate or have the energy you need to make things happen. 

Start with the basics. Get enough sleep, eat plenty of vegetables for lunch and dinner, and get some exercise out of the house. Try to avoid the temptation to sit around eating chips and watching TV. That’s not going to help you long-term. 

Hatred Of Technology

Technophobes are people who dislike technology. They’re the people who would prefer to use a slow, twenty-year-old computer rather than replace it with something that works. 

Disliking technology might feel good at the time, but it won’t help you in your career. The world is moving on rapidly. New innovations come along every year. Things change tremendously over the course of a decade. Remaining in one place simply isn’t viable. 

Being Unsociable

Like it or not, human beings are sociable creatures. Building relationships with them is key to having a happy, successful future. You can’t do everything by yourself. 

This principle applies more in the workplace than anywhere else. If you can get your peers to respect you, they are much more likely to consider you for promotion. However, if you remain shy and quiet, it won’t matter how good your work is, nobody will believe you have leadership capacities. 


Lastly, procrastination might be holding your career back. Not wanting to do things you know you have to do because you feel anxious is a major reason why individuals don’t get to where they want to be in life. 

Make a rule: if you need to do something, do it now. Once you start, it’ll be much easier to finish.