7 Tips For Taking Better Care of Your Eye Health

You already know that health matters more as you age. There are plenty of age-related health issues, and vision is one of them. There are plenty of tips online about maintaining a healthy weight while you age, protecting your hearing during old age, muscle health, and so much more. But how do you take care of your eye health as you age? Better yet, how can you better care of your eye health today? Here’s what you need to know!

Eating a healthy diet

A healthy diet truly wonders for the entire body and includes the eyes. To maintain eye health, you need to include various wholesome food items in your diet. This includes foods rich in vitamins and minerals. These nutrients can help you improve your eye health and prevent certain eye disorders. Vitamins and minerals are easy to find in whole foods.

You can also get these nutrients through supplements. Your healthcare provider can help you determine the best supplements for your needs. Some essential nutrients for eye health are omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and zinc. Nuts, fish, and seeds are all good sources of these nutrients. They also have antioxidant properties that may protect your eyes from age-related damage.

Understand eye infections and diseases

In order to prevent something, you first need to understand it. Identifying and treating eye diseases as early as possible is crucial to prevent blindness or permanent vision loss. The first step is to understand the symptoms of different diseases. While some are easily noticeable, others require more sophisticated tools to diagnose properly.

One of the most common eye diseases is glaucoma. But there are others, such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD). But there are infections you must be aware of, too, such as a stye, pink eye, and others. Knowing what you must do to take preventative action and keep your eye health in tip-top shape will help out a lot.

Keeping your hands clean

Eye rubbing is a thing that everyone is guilty of; whether you’re sleepy, sick, or have something in your eye, it just happens. If you cannot stop rubbing your eyes, then your eyes need to be clean. There are ways to make sure you don't spread germs. One of the most important is washing your hands thoroughly. You need to have clean eyes if you’re going to do this or you may risk an eye infection.

Protective eyewear

The right protective eyewear can be an essential tool for your eye health. Whether working in the yard, gardening, or exercising outdoors, choose the appropriate eyewear to protect your eyes from hazards. Besides preventing injuries, protective eyewear can protect your eyes from UV radiation, debris, and dust. 

For instance, swimming goggles can help prevent chlorine from entering your eyes. Wearing sunglasses will also protect your eyes from UV rays. Glasses, especially sunglasses, aren’t just about looking sleek and stylish, but they will also help with your eye health. It’s essential to wear these, especially on sunny days.

Get a routine eye exam

If you want to take better care of your vision, you must get an eye exam. Eye exams can identify many eye diseases and other problems. They can also provide clues about your overall health. Your family doctor or optometrist will perform various tests to evaluate your eyes. While yes, it can be annoying to have annual eye doctor visits, these routine eye exams are so important. 

You can even check out the professional and very helpful team from Merivale Vision Care, as they’re committed to helping their patients out with their eye health. Make sure to go to the doctor regularly for your eyes.

Consider blue-light

It's a fact that the blue light emitted by computers, cell phones, and other digital devices can cause eye fatigue and other problems. While technology is needed daily for hobbies, work, personal projects, and beyond, it’s important to consider the blue light and how that could affect your eye health. One option you could consider would be blue-light glasses. Currently, some debate is on whether or not with is even needed. But generally speaking, lights can cause eye strain, and it is very important to prevent eye strain when possible.

Take regular breaks

When working, browsing online, or doing anything that involves eye strain, it’s important to take regular breaks to prevent eye damage. Working at a computer can cause eye strain, which can result in headaches and other health problems. In addition, prolonged use of a screen can reduce your productivity and focus. Taking a break can improve your performance, reduce fatigue, and increase concentration. Your eyes need it, and most likely, the rest of your body is going to need breaks too.