8 Most Romantic Places To Visit With Your Partner

If you have been anticipating the end of the Covid-19 pandemic then you are in luck. Although Covid-19 is still around, the good news is most places and destinations are re-opening for you to book. It has been a good two years of cancellations and closed airports so it is now nice to be able to plan a getaway with your loved ones. 

You might be wanting to plan a romantic getaway with your other half and wondering where is best to go to see amazing sites and soak up the sun. Something to make your trip even more romantic could be to rent a motorcycle and zoom around just the two of you with the wind in your hair. There is nothing nicer than pulling up at the side of the road or on a mountain and watching the sunset. Click here to find out how to hire a motorcycle and how much it will set you back. 

Toronto, Canada

Being the largest city in Canada, Toronto has so much to offer in the way of romantic things to do. If you are interested in bars and clubs then Toronto has lots to offer, both daytime and nighttime. If you are looking for other romantic places to go and visit with your significant other then you could take a trip to the Humber Bay Arch Bridge. Here you can lock up your love with a padlock on the bridge, adding it to thousands of others. You could also book to have dinner and sit at the top of the CN tower, overlooking the Toronto skyline. 

Paris, France

If you have heard that Paris is the city of love then you aren’t wrong, it is one of the most romantic cities in the world. There is so much to see and do including a trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower, you can walk this if you are feeling brave. You can go up the 706 steps from the bottom to the second floor. On the third floor, you will have to get an elevator but the views are breathtaking. 

Once you have enjoyed your trip up the tower you can find one of the many quaint little cafes to enjoy some lunch. In the evening, it wouldn’t be a trip to Paris without a cabaret show. Get yourself booked in to see an amazing show with beautiful costumes and dancers. 

New York, USA

You might think New York is all about the hustle and bustle of people lining the streets. New York receives over 65 million visitors every year. This is not the case and there are really romantic things to do as a couple if you know where to look. The first place you must take a trip to is the New York Botanical Gardens. Here you can go at your own pace while taking in all the beautiful flowers and blooms, you should also check out the amazing lily pads. 

If you are all about taking in the sites and the views then it should be on your list to take a trip up the Empire State Building, at the top you will see gorgeous panoramic views of the city. 

São Paulo, Brazil

If you have decided to visit the largest city in South America then see if you can time it right to experience the biggest Gay Pride event on the planet. You will be among the nearly 4 million people attending the event and you will have the best time. If you are looking for something a little bit quieter and serene then take a trip to Juquehy Beach, here you can watch the sunset while sipping on a drink from one of the local bars. 

8 Most Romantic Places To Visit With Your Partner

London, England

Musical theatre may be a particularly big interest of yours, it wouldn’t be a trip to London if you didn’t go and see a London show. There are many to choose from including Dirty Dancing, Grease, and My Fair Lady. You could even get some memorabilia to remember your trip to the theatre. If you want to do something relaxing and calming throughout the day in London then we recommend you go and see the marine life at the SeaLife Centre along the Southbank. While you are at the Southbank you could kill two birds with one stone and take a ride around the London Eye. there is nothing nicer than seeing the whole of London from your pod, if you wanted to make it even more special you could hire the pod to yourself. 

Madrid, Spain

Madrid can be another busy city but if you know some of the quieter places to go then you will have no trouble with crowds. One of the most iconic and picturesque things to do in Madrid is going boating on the lake in Retiro Park. If you want to take in the evening sunset then head on up to one of the several roof-top bars Madrid has to offer. If you are feeling brave you could go to one of the local tapas restaurants, the Spanish love their flavor so be prepared for an explosion in your mouth. 

Barcelona, Spain

Book a trip to Barcelona and you won’t be disappointed, it is known as the Mediterranean Playground, and you will find out why. The nightlife is amazing and the things to keep you entertained during the day are also amazing. If you are visiting Barcelona it is only right that you go to the Segrada Familia and take in the wondrous sites there. Make sure you take the elevator to the top so you can see the breathtaking sites of the city. 

8 Most Romantic Places To Visit With Your Partner

San Francisco, USA

Finally, last but not least on our list of most romantic destinations is San Fran. If you are wanting something gentle and romantic then head to Stow Lake which is in the middle of Golden Gate Park. Here you can hire boats to get around the lake while taking in the sites. While you are in Golden Gate Park and are wanting another option then you could hire a bicycle and cycle through the park together. 

If you are taking a walk at night time in San Francisco then be sure to walk to the Oakland Bay Bridge. This has 25,000 individually programmed lights putting on a nightly show from sunset until morning.