Adventurous Things to do on a Trip to China

Adventurous Things to do on a Trip to China

After going so long without being able to travel, planning a trip is an exciting prospect. But deciding where to go and what to see can be challenging. If you are keen to avoid the usual beach vacations and fancy trying something a little different, then booking yourself a vacation packed with adventurous experiences is an excellent idea.

An adventurous vacation in a location you have never visited is a perfect way to experience the joy of travel after a couple of years at home. One destination you may not have visited previously that offers an abundance of adventurous experiences is China. Take a look at these exciting places to go and things to see on an adventurous vacation to China:

Visit The Great Wall of China in Beijing

Of all the places to visit in China, The Great Wall of China has to be the best known. The Great Wall of China is a magnet for visitors and is listed as one of the seven wonders of the world. The Great Wall spans 3,100 miles and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Work on this incredible structure started in the 3rd century BC and continued until the 17th century AD. 

If you plan to visit The Great Wall during your visit to China the areas closest to Beijing are among the most preserved. But, if you choose to stay away from the crowds of tourists and would like to see more of The Great Wall, then venturing a little further out of Beijing will enable you to do this. 

Learn Kung Fu at Kunyu Mountain

If you like learning new skills while on your travels, then you will love learning chinese kung fu at the Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu School at Kunyu Mountain. Surrounded by the beautiful mountains in the Kunyu Mountain Range, you will be able to train in Kung Fu guided by the Shaolin warrior monks that are top Kung Fu masters.

Visitors of all skill levels can train at the school, and you can even take part in cultural Mandarin classes during your stay. What better way to make lasting memories on your trip than to master a new skill from the masters and continue practicing when you return home?

Explore Huanglong Scenic Nature Reserve

The beautiful Huanglong Scenic Nature Reserve is located in Sichuan and is often referred to as the ‘fairyland on Earth,’ and with good reason. Here you can trek through the nature reserve and prepare to be amazed by the unreal sight of cascading waterfalls, a series of beautiful blue pools, and snow-capped peaks.

This stunning location is home to exotic animals such as the Giant Panda. Exploring the Huanglong Scenic Nature Reserve is a feast for the senses, and you can trek on foot and then take a cableway down into the valley. If you plan to explore Huanglong Scenic Nature Reserve, it is essential to be prepared for altitude sickness as the reserve is 3000 meters above sea level.