Rita Brhel

Rita Brhel is a stay-at-home mother to three children. She is also a WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor for the Community Action Partnership of Mid-Nebraska, the Publications Coordinator for Attachment Parenting International, the managing editor of the Attached Family magazine, an API Support Group Leader, PSI Postpartum Support Coordinator, Sidelines High-Risk Pregnancy Peer Counselor.

When Your Baby Is Clingy

We really have to be careful with what terms we use, when we refer to our children. Even if not spoken aloud, the labels that we put on our children in our own minds can influence the way we interact with them and consequently how they grow up thinking of themselves. Recently, a woman told…

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Crying as Sport?

Everyone loves babies. We’re programmed to. It’s biological: A 2008 research study at Baylor showed that the happiness centers in our brains light up when we see a baby smiling at us. Conversely, a 2012 study at Aarhus University showed that a baby’s cry elicits a unique, lightning-fast response in his parents to soothe the…

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A Trust Test

It’s one of those moments that parents never think will happen to them, and then suddenly they find themselves in that moment wondering how they got there and what it will take to get them out. Last weekend, I sat beside my oldest daughter as she lay in a hospital bed, waiting for a doctor…

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AP for Working Parents

I do believe that staying at home with your children is the best thing for them. And although the research points to the most benefit of stay-at-home parenting to children for the first two years of their life, it is my opinion that if you choose not to homeschool your children, they should be with…

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Prevent Biting While Breastfeeding

What Does Attachment Parenting Look Like?

There’s a lot of talk in the news media about Attachment Parenting lately, especially with celebrity-turned-PhD Mayim Bialik’s new book, Beyond the Sling, in which she describes her brand of parenting, which does include Attachment Parenting (AP). And there are a lot of questions being asked. As a local Resource Leader for Attachment Parenting International,…

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