Christmas Past And Christmas Future: The Gift Of Buying Local

My heart was so touched last year by a friend who had been shopping for a Christmas tree. She was so excited when she found the perfect one and magnificent it was indeed!

One thing to know about her is that she is not the type of person, when in need of something, runs down to the local big box store to make the purchase.

Her excitement did not stem from just finding the most gorgeous tree, but that she found it by shopping online, for sale by someone in her own neighborhood on a website called Craigs List. She was dancing with joy that she was able to help someone in her own community and that she was able to repurpose something so special.

To be perfectly honest, after seeing the tree myself, I really don't think she would have found one brand new at the big box store made with such quality. To top it all off, she purchased her tree for a mere ten bucks!!

Many people in our country believe that buying local is the road to sustainability, myself included. For a happier Christmas future we can make purchases from locally owned businesses who also hire local people and pay taxes that benefit our communities. In doing so we strengthen our families as well as our neighbors. We are able to contribute to revitalizing our downtown districts where mom and pop are working hard to have their own place of business.

Personally, I much prefer knowing where my products are made and how they are being produced.

The internet has become such an easy way to shop now. We can compare prices and watch for deals on items. Most companies offer free shipping as well. I think we can enjoy taking the hustle and bustle out of Christmas by shopping online.

We can still give the gift of buying local by making our purchases online when we know where to look. I found a great link created by our ABC World News and researched and written by Diane Sawyer that helps us find American made products. The website is complete with a map of the U.S. where all you have to do is click on your state and it will take you right to your nearest community. You can also shop by category and featured items. It's a great place to start your search for the perfect gifts as well as strengthen your community and your country.

Let's give jobs back to our neighbors and share the joy as well of a repurposed gift with others. Merry Christmas!




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