Creative Studies ( All The Ways College Students Can Maintain A Creative Hobby For $0)

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Both time and money tend to be in short supply while studying in college. A situation that can make pursuing creative hobbies much more complicated than many students would like. In fact, for those not doing a creative degree, the opportunities to get artistic may be few and far between.

However, with such pursuits being linked to a range of benefits like increased wellbeing, engaging in creativity is a smart idea for students. Happily, even the most broke students can find ways to do this. In fact, you will find some of the best no-spend strategies for creative hobbies in the post below. 


Chances are that you already have all the equipment you need to begin a hobby in creative writing. After all, most students have a laptop or at least access to one. In fact, that combined with access to the internet is really all you need to start out. 

Of course, putting a finger-to-keyboard can be daunting, especially when there is a great, big blank page in front of you. That is why it can be useful to gather up some free resources, including prompts before you start. 

Additionally, on sites such as Pinterest, you can find all sorts of writing resources for free. Those, in particular, you should look out for include story arc diagrams, and even character and setting sheets that can help you to organize your thoughts before you begin. 

Remember too that, while they say everyone has a novel in them, you don't have to start out trying to write one. In fact, you can totally begin with short stories to get into the flow of this cheap, but fun, creative hobby. 

Making music 

Another fantastically creative hobby for students to have is making music. In fact, it is a pastime that can bring them together with others or one that can be done as a solo pursuit. Sadly, many people have put off such a hobby because of the costs associated with playing an instrument. An issue that often includes the price of the instrument itself, as well as the expense of lessons. 

It's worth noting, however, that there are ways around this problem. The first is to purchase a preloved instrument, which, while not totally free, can be a lot cheaper and will last for a long time. The second is to see if the college or university you are attending has any programs where they provide instruments and lessons to students at a vastly reduced fee. 

Thirdly, it is also worth remembering that playing an instrument is not the only way to engage in a musical hobby. In fact, electronically created music is prevalent now, and many computer operating systems come with music-making apps and programs included. Something that means you can start to experiment and come up with your own music without any instruments physical at all. 

Of course, many people that do this also choose to include samples from other people's music in their own work. Something that you usually have to pay for if you are going to be publishing your songs in the public arena. Luckily, you can also find sites that offer free beats that anyone can access. Something that means even if you want to try your hand at hip hop, rap, or EMC, you can do so without having to pay out any money at all. 


You would be forgiven for thinking that to begin a hobby in drawing, you must have an entire, fully stocked art studio at your disposal. Something that is decidedly not cheap! This is genuinely not the case; though. In fact, if you have a utensil that makes a mark such as a biro, or a pencil, you can start to draw. 

You would also be forgiven for thinking that only people that have a natural aptitude for art should draw as a hobby. A belief that all the remarkable work on social media sites like Instagram only serves to confirm. However, once again, this is not the case. In fact, not only is it perfectly acceptable to make bad drawings, but some artists believe that this is a vital part of the process. Something that can be very freeing to anyone that is letting a lack of skill or confidence to hold them back. 

Of course, many artists use sketchbooks, but computer paper that you already have will do. Oh and don't think that you have to invest in expensive tutorials or prompt books either. In fact, on Youtube, you will find a guide to all the basics of drawing, such as landscapes, animals, and portraits. Then there are the monthly challenges that run on Instagram like Inktober that provide a daily prompt, so you are never foiled by creative block. All things that will allow you to engage in a creative happy without paying out a penny!