Emergency Contacts Every Millennial Should Have

Emergency Contacts Every Millennial Should Have

Many of us like to bury our heads and behave as though we’re immortal. While it’s not nice to think about something bad happening to you, it’s important to be prepared. Having emergency contact information on hand and easy to find could help immensely in the event of an accident, so be prepared. 

In Case Of Emergency

Think about who the first person you would want to be contacted if you have an accident. In your phone, label one of your speed dial numbers as ‘In Case of Emergency’ or ‘ICE’. If anything happens to you, the emergency services or whoever finds you will know who to call. 

If your phone has a lock screen feature, add a note that can be accessed from the lock screen. Make a list of emergency contacts and label them so an EMT will know who they’re calling. For example, write ‘my husband’ rather than their name. 

Local Emergency Services

Make a note of the numbers for local fire and police services. You can call these numbers in a non-emergency situation but when you still need assistance. Make sure you know how to contact a doctor outside of surgery hours, in case you need medical assistance when the surgery is closed, but shouldn’t visit the emergency room. Add the number for the nearest hospital. It may also be useful to know where to get advice about legal solutions for injuries

Water and Power Company

Water flooding out of your pipes? If the water mains are broken, or your bills have been messed up, you need to know how to contact the water company. You should also know how to get in touch with the power company in case of a power outage. 

Poison Control

Save the number for your Regional Poison Control Center. If you have children, this is especially important, in case they ingest something they shouldn’t. Poison Control can advise on how to proceed, which might save someone’s life. 

Animal Control

This might not seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how often it can be useful. Stray dogs and cats can cause issues at your home. Animal Control can tell you how to help and where to find a shelter. They can also advise you on how to help any injured wildlife you may find and will help if your own pet goes missing. 


Exchange contact details with your next-door neighbors. This could come in handy if something happens to your home while you’re away, as your neighbors will be able to alert you. 


In most mishaps, whether your home was broken into or your car has been hit, you’ll need to contact the relevant insurance companies promptly. Keep those contact numbers to hand so you can find them when you need them. 


If you have pets, having your vet’s number on hand is essential. If they’re taken ill or have an accident, you don’t want to be searching for a business card for their number. You want to have their number stored in your phone and ready to call if something bad happens.