From Hungry to Healthy: How to Hold a Healthy Food Drive

We all know eating whole, minimally processed foods provide the most readily absorbed nutrients for our bodies. We know finding the words “whole grain,” “low- sodium,” and “100% fruit juice” on labels is an indicator the food is a healthier option than others. We do our best to feed our families and ourselves food that will do more than simply fill our stomachs; we want food that will nourish our health.

But what about the nearly 50 million Americans who either cannot access or cannot afford to buy these foods? Over 47 million of our neighbors – veterans, seniors, working families, and children – do not know where their next meal is coming from and depend upon food banks, food pantries, and soup kitchens for food. Add to it that they are (paradoxically) more likely to struggle with obesity, type II diabetes, hypertension, and other dietary-related conditions, and we have a big problem.

SuperFood Drive is a non-profit committed to being part of the solution. We work with our partners to infuse the hunger-relief system with healthy non-perishables, so those in need can access food that will improve their health and the health of their families. We invite you to join us in our quest!

With the holidays behind us, it’s easy to forget that “hunger knows no season” and those in need between November and December are still in need come January and the rest of the year.

Here are some ways you can get involved and bring healthy food to our neighbors who otherwise may not have access:

Host a SuperFood Drive

SuperFood Drive provides no-cost tools so anyone anywhere can host a healthy food drive. Encouraging the donations of black beans (instead of refried), canned fruit in 100% fruit juice (instead of heavy syrup), rolled oats (instead of sugary cereal) are examples of small changes that combine to make a major difference.

Shopping Lists, Fliers, and Cost- Comparison Charts (to debunk the myth that eating healthfully must be expensive) are some of the resources available. Shifting a traditional community/school/church food drive into a SuperFood Drive is as easy as asking for healthy food donations!

Get in touch with your local food bank or pantry

It’s always good to find out what your local food bank or pantry needs. They may need volunteers to hand out or sort food; or maybe they have an overflow of beans and are completely out of rolled outs. Even though they will appreciate any donation you are able to give, you can make an even bigger difference by asking for items they specifically need.

Visit Feeding America’s food bank locator to find one in your area.

Get your school involved

SuperKids for SuperFoods is a program that has been run in middle schools, high schools, and after-school programs across the US. During the 6-week service-learning program, youth learn about nutrition, hunger, and why our neighbors visiting food banks and food pantries need healthy food. They are empowered as leaders as they plan, implement, and celebrate their own SuperFood Drive to benefit their community!


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