How Technology Is Helping Us To Preserve Our Family Memories

How Technology Is Helping Us To Preserve Our Family Memories

Since we have learnt how to capture an image and develop it, families have been preserving their family memories. The photos to start with were very formal and use a visual record for the family to keep. As technology has progressed, pictures become less expensive to produce, so they moved on to an annual family photo. 

Videos cameras then cropped up and appeared in many family homes, they enabled people to capture their family memories in moving picture, and now people are able to capture their memories at the click of their fingers through using their smartphone from right within their pocket. These advances have enabled families to preserve the memories that happen on a daily basis, and they can be shared with future generations.

Let’s have a look at some of the most recent advances closer below: 

Digital Cameras 

The first true digital camera came on to the scene in 1994 (available to consumers). And, since then, cameras have only become smaller, better quality, faster, and films have become a thing of the past. Most smartphones of today also have a decent camera and are miles better than the original digital camera. The portability and ease of use, especially in the case of a smartphone, has made preserving family memories easier than it has ever been before. Memory can now be captured and shared online for friends and family to enjoy in seconds. 

Hi-Definition Video

When videos were first available, they were heavy, bulky, and didn’t have a great image. These days though, high-definition video is readily available, and most smartphones will have a hi-def video camera built-in. They are now much more affordable which makes it easier than ever before for families to capture life memories of all their special moments. Whether it’s a wedding, your child’s first steps or word, or a prom, you can capture it all. 

Digitalised Picture Frames 

Digital photos are extremely convenient, cheap, and easy to print, especially if you have an inkjet printer at home, however, the quality is never quite as good as the professional prints. However, there is now a newer and exciting invention that is cropping up in the most home, and that is a digital photo frame that shows a slideshow of photos in high resolution. At face value, they are a small storage unit that also playback the image, much like you have on your computer, which is backed onto a picture frame they don’t look out of place. You just need to load your favourite digital family photos, select your rate of playback and place in your home to enjoy. 

Video and Photo Conversion

If you are like many other families, you will likely have drawers and boxes full of photo album and loose photos. You may even have slides if you’re old school or have had pictured passed down. On top of these, you may also have boxes full of VHS tapes from when you use to capture all your memories on the old school video recorders. If you have the inclination and time, then it is possible to convert these to digital or, of course, you can pay someone else to do it for you. You will happy to be able to dispose of the old bulky storage and have them digital. You can then print off your photos at any time to display around your home. And if you want you can still print photos for a few special photo albums, such as a wedding album. 

Cloud Storage

Although cloud storage for some is a love it or hate, it is still a technological advance that is helping many families to store their memories. And let’s face it, the fact that our digital photos are stored on a computer and nowhere is a little unnerving. What happens if you accidentally delete them, your hard drive crash and removes all the stored data, or you get a virus? It can be expensive and unpromising to restore a hard drive. However, with the help of the internet cloud storage is now a reliable way to store your digital media, even if it can take a while to get used it. You can store anything from email, files, videos, and photos and you can transfer them back to your computer to transfer to your phone at any time. Have a look here to learn how to transfer photos from your computer to your phone The storage accounts will often give you some storage space for free, but if you need more, you can pay for a plan on a month or annual basis. 

These are five great ways that technology is helping us to preserve our family photos. Can you think of any others? Please share them in the comments below.