How to Become a Digital Nomad: 3 Jobs to Consider

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Does the idea of being stuck in one place for the rest of your life fill you with dread?

Along with all of the attachments of remaining in the same location such as; taking the same journey to work every day, visiting the same place for lunch, attending the same local pub for drinks, enduring the same dull weather, seeing the same people, everything remains relatively stagnant, and this may not be the life you aspire to live.

Being a digital nomad, on the other hand, means you can travel and work from anywhere in the world, so long as you have a device that enables internet access. This is the dream for those who yearn to experience new cultures, oceans, cities, places, and people continuously, without the restriction of being bound to an employer in a particular country and having only a few weeks a year to venture across the world.

Becoming a solopreneur and digital nomad is about more than working abroad, it’s about freedom.

If you aspire to change your life, take a look at the below positions you could get into, to move your career online for good.

Website Developer

It’s vital for all businesses, big small, new and old to own a website. After all, it’s the 24/7 store, meaning consistent accessibility at all hours for customers to look at products, services and send inquiries when they please.

Businesses constantly need functional, attractive, optimized, Google-friendly websites to succeed a lasting presence online. If you have an eye for detail and would like to learn to code, a position as a website designer online could be the right role for you.

PPC Marketer

The management of pay-per-click advertising for businesses requires strategy and expertise to ensure a company is funneling their money into a PPC campaign that demonstrates cost-effective click-throughs and conversions.

If you are a PPC marketer or you would like to learn how to become one, you can begin your own PPC campaigns on sites such as Google Adwords to practice your skills in pursuit of becoming an expert and providing this as a service for businesses online.

There is no formal education or training provided to become a PPC marketer, this is a position that you can acquire through teaching yourself and is perfect for the aspiring digital nomad with no restrictions on where you can work.

Online Trader

Much like the role of a PPC marketer, you are not required to attain any formal qualifications in your pursuit of becoming a trader online. However, seeking reputable courses from experts who are working as traders will enable you to launch and expand your knowledge of trading, to learn about trading platforms, where you can practice, the best momentum indicator and strategies to adopt during your work.

If you choose to work as a trader, it must be due to passion, as to succeed in this position requires you to dedicate long hours, research, and at points financial loss, before you can begin to make any progress. Online traders tend to quit in the first two years of work, to prevent this from being you, and to fulfill your dream as a digital nomad continuous education and practice is vital.


Your life as a digital nomad is what you make of it, where you choose to travel and what you decide to work as can be changed and adapted to create the work/life/travel balance you are searching for.

Ian Walsh