How to Change Up Your Look Without Breaking the Bank

Bored with your look but strapped for cash? Not many of us have the funds to completely revamp our wardrobes whenever we’re feeling a little tired of what we’ve been wearing, and that’s okay!

There are plenty of ways to change up your style and feel fresh again without spending a whole load of money. Here are a couple of cheap (and free) ways to try something new when it comes to your style, so you can feel excited about your outfit options again. 

Accessorize Wisely

Few people realize the real power of accessorizing. An entire outfit can be completely transformed with just the use of different accessories, so this is a great place to start. If you’re not a person who typically accessorizes, then investing in a few items can help – some statement jewellery, scarves, hats, sunglasses, and even bags can add new dimensions to your looks. 

If you already accessorise, try shaking things up again with some new pieces, or even use your existing accessories with different outfits. Choosing some new stylish glasses frames for women can be a simple way to change up your everyday look in a practical way, and investing in a simple daily necklace can add stunning detail to every outfit. 

DIY Fashion

Perhaps you really want some new outfits, but you don’t want to spend too much. One of the most affordable ways to get new clothes is to use the clothes you already have and turn them into something new. DIY fashion is a great way to take what you have and make some alterations until you have something different. 

For this, you’ll need some sewing skills – but there are plenty of online resources and tutorials that can teach you, as well as loads of ideas for what you can do to make the clothes you have into something fresh. 

Start Thrifting

If the whole crafting business isn’t for you, or you don’t have the time to learn a new skill, you can invest in some clothes that aren’t new, but are new to you!

Thrifting has become increasingly popular as more and more people realize the value in buying second-hand. This is a very affordable way to purchase high-quality pieces that you’ll love. If you shop smart at thrift stores, you can have a whole new wardrobe with designer pieces for a fraction of the price. 

Visit the Salon

If you don’t want to spend money on clothes or accessories, you could completely change your look with a haircut or a new, exciting color. Spend some time looking online for hairstyles that you like, keep a few pictures, and make an appointment with your stylist.

Ask for their opinion on what styles will suit your face shape and which colors will look great with your skin tone and come up with a new look together. If you’re feeling brave, give your hair stylist free reign to work their magic in whatever way they please – you might be thrilled with your makeover!

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