Ignite The Spark For A New Career

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Are you looking to shake things up in your working life? Maybe you’ve been in the same job for a good few years now and while you don’t exactly hate it, you can’t see it leading you anywhere new and exciting anytime soon.

On the other hand, having that regular monthly paycheck is reassuring and you know exactly where you stand in your finances.

If you’ve reached a bump in the road, it might be time to shake things up a bit and find that spark of ambition that’s been smothered for far too long. You might not be at the point where you’re deciding between CMO vs CTO but you might at least want to take the next step up the career ladder.

In this short blog, we delve a bit closer into how you can start to kick your career and figure out what’s next in the story of your career.


Maybe you’ve been coasting because you find your job easy and haven’t had to really challenge yourself for quite some time now. If this is the case and if, deep down, you wonder if you are in the right career you might want to consider what a change might look like.

To make this change happen, could you see yourself going back into education? It might be that to progress you’ll be looking at something to develop your prospects, such as an MBA or you might consider heading back to school to take on a whole new subject.

Clearly, if you choose the latter you will need to be prepared to start your career again at entry level, but you’re up for the challenge right? You will also need to consider how you might finance this move and if you can find a way of studying while working. There may be some grants available to help with the money side of things or you could consider doing a distance course if needed.

If you plan on studying for an MBA then it’s entirely possible that your company may see this as an investment in your skills and contribute towards the cost. There’s never any harm in asking.


It might be that you’re willing to start from scratch somewhere else and just want to go for it. Searching for jobs can be a frustrating experience so before you dive in, make sure that your CV is bang up to date and helping to put you in your best light.

Use a template if necessary to help bring out your best qualities and get your foot in the door for interviews.

You may walk into your dream job straight away, or you may need to sit on your hands and show a lot of patience. Just don’t give up and eventually you will get to where you want to be.

Be brave, ditch the comfortable life and reignite that spark. Figure out where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. Then all it takes is that first step and you’re on the road to change.