It’s The Smaller Things That Help You Feel Attractive

It's The Smaller Things That Help You Feel Attractive

Attractiveness is never simply a visual metric. Sure, we can drool over perfectly chiseled or beautiful models in a magazine, but if we met them and they had little personality or were quite cruel to or dismissive of those around them, we would often lose interest within a matter of moments. It’s the smaller things that add up to someone being attractive or not, and even then it’s subjective.

This means that if feeling attracted to someone is a fickle thing, you can be sure that feeling attractive yourself also rests on the smaller measures. This can often help you take care of yourself in the best manner possible, in a small, comforted, quietly confident approach.

Remember, there is also no shame in wanting to feel attractive, no matter how you define it. When you have this ability, you can more competently enjoy yourself when out, you can care less about what others think or say to you, and you can live your highest truth every day. This, after all, is the most attractive thing anyone can do:

Your Own Style

Your own style is something that you may grow over time, or that you may change whenever it feels right. This week you may be into the streetwear aesthetic, next month you may be into the summer or fall vibes.

It’s important to consider that no matter how you choose to express yourself, it is valid. This ideal can help you get that tattoo you’ve been strongly considering for a few months, wear that beret you have thought until now that you couldn’t pull off, or to enjoy those thrift finds that can make all the difference.

Putting Yourself Together

Of course, there’s something much more important than transient style, and that’s grooming. Ensuring that you keep new piercings or tattoos clean, that you take time in finding a good dentist near you, that you ensure to avoid eating overly fatty foods or drink too much alcohol (as this will only dry out your skin) can be an important consideration, and it will make a real difference.

Putting yourself together is the foundation through which you will be able to express yourself, as health is often the basis of beauty.


If you have no self-love, you will never feel attractive. In fact, many women report the fact that while lingerie is often seen as something to wear for a partner, it’s the empowerment and sense of personal love that can help these kinds of items gain their magic.

It’s important to love yourself. It’s important to pamper yourself, or try a new style you love, or try something new. If you’re kind to yourself, if you help yourself enhance your flaws and accept your insecurities, if you follow body positivity and work on your health, you have nothing but good energy surrounding you.

Believe it or not, this will help you stay thoroughly attractive from year to year.

With this advice, we hope you can enjoy the smaller things that help you feel attractive.