Level Up Your Sales Skills and Sell More Cars: 4 Tips

A career in car sales can be a lot tougher than it looks, but when you hit the nail on the head every time, you have nothing to worry about. Figuring out how to maximize your output and sell as many cars as you can each month takes time and practice, but there’s nothing wrong with using a few tips and tricks to help you get there.

If you’re new to the sales industry or well-practiced and just looking for fresh ideas to add to your repertoire, keep reading for our four sales tips and techniques. 

Try a Training Course

A job in sales doesn’t typically require many qualifications. However, that doesn’t mean that training and learning more about how to perform better wouldn’t be a good idea. As a salesperson or a sales manager, a training course could work magic for you and your team to improve the dealership overall and maximize performance. 

You could look for a face-to-face training program from a local company or try out something like virtual dealership phone training. Depending on your dealership and specific pitfalls, different courses will work best, so shop around before committing. 

Dress the Part

Following a professional dress code is important when you work in sales. You might think that keeping it casual will make you seem more approachable, but the truth is that potential buyers are looking for someone professional that they can trust – you can prove to them that you’re this person by how you dress.

There’s no need to overdo it – a three-piece suit isn’t necessary for a sales job. However, keep things smart and casual at the very least with a button-up shirt, nice slacks, or a skirt. Make sure you look neat and well-groomed at all times too. 

Don’t Oversell It

If you want your customers to make a purchase, building trust is an important first step. Overselling the car, skipping over issues, and exaggerating features can seem suspicious. Makes sure that when you’re selling a product, you’re being transparent about the pros and cons.

This doesn’t mean you need to point out flaws that might ruin your sale actively. However, you need to answer all questions honestly and be truthful about the highlights and downsides of any car you’re presenting. Being open will show customers that they can trust your opinion and highlight that you’re not out to swindle them. 

Know Your Product

Finally, make sure that you’re always up to date on your product knowledge. There are few worse feelings than when a customer comes in and asks a question you can’t answer due to ignorance.

Put time and effort into knowing and understanding the vehicles you’re selling and try to stay up to date on trends, and new car reveals, too – showing that you’re keeping up with industry trends will also help build trust.