Life Getting A Bit Busy Right Now? Here’s How To Adjust

A busy schedule isn’t necessarily a fixture in our lives. However, from time to time you’re going to have to adjust to restrictive hours and a lack of free time. And despite how hard that can be, you’re totally capable of it! 


It takes some effort (and maybe getting up a bit earlier!), but there are ways to sum up the energy. After all, picking up another job or bringing home a new baby or moving to a new house are common situations, even though they can make your schedule ebb and flow like crazy! So to help you adjust to that, we’ve got some tips to check out below. 


Prioritize Very Rigidly


Some things in your life are going to be more important than others. Being there for your children during the important points, such as their first steps or their first piano recital, are examples of such occasions. 


However, if you’ve got a big project finalizing at work, and this is your one chance to showcase what you’re capable of, it’s worth it to consider focusing on that above everything else. 


Put the situations into context, make sure you’re ready to make a sacrifice (as long as it’s a small one), and throw your all into proving what you can do. For example, missing one parent’s evening in a long line of them isn’t going to disrupt much in the long run as long as you apologize. 


Turn Off Your Phone Strategically


Turning your phone off will eliminate the biggest distraction of all. If you need to maximize your time usage today, switching it off and putting it somewhere out of reach will really help! 


In doing so, you won’t be turning to your phone during downtime, or whenever you’re bored. However, if you’re not comfortable with it being turned off, you can put it on ‘do not disturb’. This way nothing will come through unless it’s a real emergency! 


Plan to Clean in One Sweep


If you’ve got a very messy house that needs cleaning up, and you’ve only got about 20 minutes to make a dent in the chore, plan accordingly. Plan to go around in one clean sweep, tackling each room as you go and never needing to double back on yourself. 


Start upstairs in your bedroom, move to the bathroom, then check the kids’ rooms. Then take all garbage or laundry downstairs with you, put both in their respective places, then tackle the kitchen, living room, and downstairs bathroom if there is one. Move in a circle to save time, pick up things as you go, and you won’t have to waste precious minutes. 


Drink to Energize


We all have a cup of tea or coffee when we feel run down; it’s a simple way to perk us back up after a bad night, or ahead of a long day of work. However, if you stay hydrated throughout the day you’ll find it much easier to get on with everything. A bit of soda is fine in the evening, but try something healthier during the day when you’re active. 


Indeed, make sure you drink plenty of water; at least a liter is needed by everyone, as drinking this much helps to keep that pesky brain fog away! You can also tip some kratom powder into your drink and mix it in – a healthy, natural supplement is perfect for giving you the boost you’re looking for. 


Not Everything Has to Be Done Today


It’s true! No matter how much it feels like you need to get it all done now for peace of mind, you really don't have to. You can save a few jobs for another day, or a few errands for the weekend. You don’t have to text someone back immediately if you’re busy, and you can get to them when you’ve really got the chance to. 


Don’t let the stress pile on by accidentally convincing yourself it all has to be done at once. You’ve got time, you’ve got plenty of days ahead, and there’s always going to be more work to do. As long as you’ve got your priorities straight, as we made a point of earlier, you can take your time and do things bit by bit. 


When life gets a bit busier than usual, don't let yourself freak out about it. Do your best to approach it rationally with a few tips like these. It can be a struggle, but you’ll get used to it!