Taking A Pre-College World Trip

Taking A Pre-College World Trip

If you are thinking about taking a year out before you go to college to travel around the world, that is certainly one of the best things you can do for yourself. Travel is one of the great educators in life, and there is so much that you are going to get out of it if you are keen on ensuring that you can make the most of it. But there are a lot of things that you might want to prepare for as well. In this post, we’ll take a look at what you might want to consider when it comes to taking a pre-college world trip.

Plan Plenty

The more that you plan in general, the easier a time you are going to have, and you will also find that you tend to get a lot more done when it comes to keeping your itinerary in place. You will need to think about where you want to go, for how long, and what you are going to do there. It’s fine to have some open space so you can simply explore however you like, but it’s also a very good idea to make sure that you are planning at least most of what you will do.

Don’t Get Lost

If you are thinking of going exploring out in the wilderness, or even just in corners of strange towns and so on, then you will need to take every step necessary to ensure you avoid getting lost. These days it is of course easier than ever to avoid getting lost, especially if you treat yourself to a military grade GPS system. But even if all you have is your phone, you are still going to find that not getting lost is perfectly simple to do, so bear that in mind.


You’ll need to think of a way to fund your trip as well, as this might be easier than you think as long as you give yourself plenty of time to prepare for it. If it means working a while to save up, then that is absolutely something that you can do, and you might find that you are going to easily enjoy working if it is for a great reason like this. However you do it, just make sure that you have some funding approach which seems likely to really work effectively and easily. That makes all the difference.

Taking A Pre-College World Trip

Buy Early

The earlier that you buy your plane tickets, accommodation and transfers and so on, the cheaper they will be. So you should make sure that you are getting everything in as early as possible in order to try and save some money. You might be surprised at how much cheaper it really can be. Perhaps it is worth borrowing some money from your parents to buy the tickets now and paying them back later on, for example? However you approach it, it’s vital that you are thinking about how you can make it cheaper for yourself.