The 3 Steps To Be Able To Transition From Military Life To Civilian

The military is a life that is definitely its own thing. It is not like living a typical life that others have, it has a strict set of rules and there is a rigid hierarchy that has to be observed. It offers plenty of benefits and many people enjoy the structured life that is part of being in the military.

The problem is that when people decide not to reenlist, they have to go back to civilian life which is far different from the life they had been living in the military. If you went to the military right out of high school then you may find it to be a difficult transition since you don’t know any other way to live. In this article, we will give you several tips to help you adjust to civilian life. 

1 – Get the right job

Where you work will be a huge factor in how well you are able to make a smooth transition to civilian life. You likely have a lot of skills that you were able to learn in the military that can help you find the ideal job for your skillset. For instance, if you were somebody who worked for the quartermaster then you probably have a lot of experience that will help you if you work in logistics and supply chain. 

Just make sure that wherever you look for work is a place that is accepting and accommodating of veterans or ex-military. It is illegal to discriminate against a former military person or veteran, but there are still some companies that are not interested in helping to accommodate them. 

For instance, if you have PTSD then your new job will have to make sure that they are able to accommodate you as far as making sure that you are able to get treatments by giving you the right schedule. If you are having trouble getting hired then you may need to get legal representation for employees so you can make sure that you are not being denied unfairly. 

2 – Get the right education

The GI Bill is something that you definitely need to take advantage of since it will give you a huge leg up in determining your future. You will have access to education at low or no cost so you can get a degree that will help you land your dream job. Those people with degrees often have a much better chance of financial success than those without. 

A college education is a foundation for having a stable life and gives you a lot of opportunities in life. The best part is that it is all free

3 – Use resources

There are a lot of agencies that are there specifically to help you make the transition so make sure that you take advantage. The Veterans Administration has a lot of resources for your physical and mental health and there are loads of programs that the Department of Defense has available for veterans.