The Basics of Saving Money at College

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Everyone knows that being at college full-time can be quite expensive. But is it really always as bad as it sounds? Well, you might be happy to hear that going to college doesn’t have to always mean going into debt. In fact, some students are able to actually save money while they are there.

Did you think that you might not be able to afford college? That certainly won’t be the case. If you read on, you will find some of the best ways for you to save money while you are studying for the first phase of your career!

See What Finance Is Available

First of all, it is usually always worth seeing if there are any useful financial options available to you. You might be able to find some bursaries or stipends that you can use to fund your studies. It will be worth contact the college where you are going to study as each one will have various options available to its future and current students. You might also want to check out the Great Lakes Educational Loan Services as they provide a wide range of different financial products that are perfect for students. 

Attend Free Events On Campus

Of course, being at college isn’t just about studying. A lot of students move away so they can have their very first taste of independent life and to take advantage of the great social life that many students benefit from. However, leading a very packed social life can quickly become expensive. But don’t worry; that doesn’t mean you have to stay in all of the time. The majority of colleges will run free events on their campuses. If you check these out, you will be able to still have fun but won’t have to worry about how much you are spending!

Look For No-Fee Student Credit Cards

It’s a good idea to find a credit card as that can help you build up a good credit rating. However, these kinds of cards can often prove to be very expensive for students as they feature high interest rates and fees. Thankfully, though, some banks and credit card providers now offer no-fee student credit cards, so it could be worth looking for one of these. Just make sure that you don’t let this credit card encourage you to overspend, though – you still need to be a sensible spender!

Find A Job

Have you considered finding a job while you are at college? Not every college will allow their students to work alongside their studies, so you might have to double check whether you would be allowed to work. If you are able to, it will certainly take a very big weight off you, as your finances won’t be quite so tight. Don’t worry if you can’t work while you are at college, though. You will still be able to take on a summer job when you go back home for the holidays. You will just need to make sure that you can save up enough to last you when you do go back to college!

Try Not To Use Your Overdraft

There’s a good chance that you will arrange an overdraft with your bank; this is something that the majority of students will do during their time at university. They then have a financial cushion that they can use if they ever fall into some financial difficulty. However, it is highly advisable that you don’t rely on your overdraft too much as it will only make things more difficult for you in the long run, especially if you get to the point where you find it difficult to get out of it. It can be expensive, especially once you leave college and the bank start to increase the fees and interest rate associated with the overdraft.


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Look For Second-Hand Books

Lots of students find that the biggest expense they encounter during their time at college is buying the text books that they need for their course. Thankfully, though, you won’t be required to buy brand new books. If you want to try and limit your spending, you can always buy second-hand books. Lots of older students will be selling the books that they no longer need, so you might want to be on the lookout to see if you can find yourself any bargains.

These are just a few ways you can try to save money while you are at college. If you take a look elsewhere online, you might find more suggestions!