The Battle With The Books! Tackling The Daunting Aspects Of Studying

Returning To Study? Here Is What You Need To Think Of

Different things going through our minds when we go through the arduous journey that is exam prep. We spend a lot of time either panicking about our studies or we worry because there's not a way around one of the subjects or there is an aspect that we just don't understand. But when there is a subject that we hate or an aspect of studying that we just can't get our heads around, it means that we build up a barrier between us and the subject. So what can we do to make sure that we get around this problem and not just tackle the daunting aspects of studying, but use it to our advantage?

The Benefits Of Diverse Resources

If you don't understand something because it’s not explained to you properly think about different approaches. If you really have a massive block in your head about the derivative of cos 2x or other complex components of mathematics there are so many different websites that can help you to tackle your approach. Sometimes we don't understand something because it's not explained to us in a way that we can comprehend it. This means that we have got to diversify our resources.

Incorporate The Subject Into Your Life Somehow

When there is a block or we just can't understand something it's far better if we incorporate the subject into our lives. It could be about just having podcasts on in the background about a specific subject or just using the whole idea of osmosis by having information dotted around you can mean that you subconsciously absorb it. You don't necessarily have to engage with the subject matter for it to filter in.

Understand Your Learning Style

This goes back to using different resources. Everybody has different learning styles. And this means that if the subject is told a certain way in class, the teacher might not be truly involved with the subject or you just don't absorb information in this way. Find different approaches to make learning more interactive.

One of the best approaches for anybody is to read something out loud. We can struggle if we tend to sit down and stare at a book because the words don’t mean anything. Try to experiment with different learning styles and see which one leaps out at you.

Learn To Calm Down

If we have got a mental block between us and the subject we've got to learn to minimize the symptoms of stress and anxiety. When we feel stressed this is going to stop us from retaining information regardless. It can even filter into other aspects of our study.

Learning to calm down and making sure that you use the right tools as well as the right diet can work together to create a foundation for you to relax so you can focus on your work better. A lot of people have mental blocks, not just because it's a subject they don't understand, but there are certain things about their lives that they need to fix. And learning to calm down gives us the ability to refocus.