The GMO And Organic Dirt! Motivate For Our Childrens Sake!

Keeping the earth alive for our children means giving back to it what we take from it.  It really is as simple as an earthworm and a butterfly. Nature has all of its own defences when it is in balance. Our natural resources are at stake and demand to be given  priority.

Must we place a price tag on dirt to make it worth something? It seems to be what motivates most of our world today. The very thing that we place our feet upon is what guarantees a future for our children to have a happy and healthy life to pass on to their children as well.

Organic Dirt

There are a whole lot of misconceptions about organics, period! The truth is the culprit lies within chemical usage. Organic chemicals play just as much of a harmful role to the health of the environment as synthetic chemicals.

Don't be so surprised by that statement because millions of people don't believe in organics just because of that reason alone and they are correct. We end up killing the earth in the reverse effect. Chemicals are simply that which they are and when not properly used they wreak havoc within the balance of nature. Organic chemicals are very harmful when consumed through our food chain as well.

Our bodies were not meant to ingest such things. The earth was designed in such a perfect way that no chemicals of any sort are needed in any form or fashion. That would  bring us back to the earthworm and the butterfly. Pure organic dirt is derived from pure organic nature.

The green grass and the fallen leaves, the produce scraps and the chicken poop are just a few of all you need. The good bugs take care of the bad bugs and let your fingers do the picking of all the rest. Balance in the earth will save it for your children.

GMO Dirt

Small farm verses factory farm, which shall feed the world? Well, it has been proven that small family farms sustain a community and far outweigh factory farms in every aspect.

Factory farming is causing serious and alarming effects to human, animal and the overall health of our planet. It's plain and simple that the synthetic chemicals required in which to grow crops using gmo's has killed the dirt and everything needed in which to sustain it.

Then of course we gamble on a pocket full of change to what effects genetically modified organisms, the gmo will play on our children's futures. Will it be more brain tumors and kidney failures in a desolate world of dust bowls and super weeds, who really knows.

The plain fact is the gmo is failing and cannot win against nature in the end, but how much nature must be lost forever before it stops?  What will be left for your grandchildren before the pieces are slowly and painfully put back together? Will all seeds be cross contaminated by gmo's so that no pure varieties are left and will all the honeybees die in which to pollinate them?

Take a moment and consider a future that places a value on its natural resources. A future for our children's children who will have pure clean water to drink and healthy air in which to breath.

Let them walk upon the earth full of life to learn and develop a better tomorrow. Give back what you take everyday of your life. Simplify and repurpose and be selective in what you consume. Say no to chemicals in every way and let nature come into balance the natural way.

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