Tips For Taking On Your First Team Members

Tips For Taking On Your First Team Members

The chances are that when you first launched your business, you never really considered the possibility that, at one point or another, you might be in a position to take on some team members. You probably had aspirations for your business and hoped that it would grow, but you may not have properly thought about what that would mean, such as having the need to take on additional employees. 


The process of hiring your first team members can be a rather stressful and somewhat overwhelming one, as there’s a lot that you need to think about and take into account. However, the good news is that just because it can be stressful and overwhelming, that doesn’t mean that the process has to be – it entirely depends on your approach and handling of each aspect. 

I was wondering what steps you need to take when hiring your first team members. Below is a guide to everything you need to know to nail the hiring process and build a fantastic team. 

Think about where you need support 

The first step to taking on team members is thinking about where you need support. It might be that you already have the answer to this and are very clear about what support you need and why, or it might be that you aren’t quite sure what kind of support you need and need to take the time to work it out. 

If this is the case, take the time to think about what areas you could use some support with, such as your marketing or accounts. Use this information to think about the roles you could offer new team members. You don’t want to end up hiring just for the sake of doing it, you want to ensure that you hire people who can offer the support that your business actually needs, which is why taking the time to think it through and determine what you need is so vital. 

Outsource the sourcing process 

Not sure how to source high-quality candidates to fill the roles you’re hiring for? Don’t panic, instead, consider working with specialists in the hiring and candidate sourcing sector, such as Wegman Partners, for instance. This kind of support can help to make the entire process of sourcing the perfect candidates far simpler and less stressful, making it a worthwhile investment. 

By outsourcing the candidate sourcing process, you can ensure that you end up with candidates that perfectly fit your needs and requirements. This helps make the whole hiring process a lot quicker, simpler and easier. 

Learn how to be a great employer 

Once you take on your first team members, you will be an employer, which means thinking about what it means to be a great boss. You don’t want to take on new team members and not know how to manage them effectively, so it pays to take the time to learn how to be a good employer. 

The best way to do this is to speak to other employers and ask them for their best advice for managing a team. As well as talking to people who are employed in various roles and asking them what they like and dislike about how their employer treats them, giving you an inside look at what team members want and need from their boss. 

There you have it, a guide to how you can make the process of taking on your first team members as simple and stress-free as possible.