Tips To Extending the Life of Your PC Or Laptop

extending the life of your computer

Technology has certainly come along way, and how many households will likely have at least a laptop or desktop PC in their home. However, the cost of buying a new computer can sometimes be a big expense, so in order to reduce the likelihood of getting them replaced, here are some tips on how to look after your PC or laptop.

Regularly Clean Your Device

Keeping your devices clean can be said for both the external and internal parts of your computer. It’s useful to do a monthly clean up on your computer’s desktop, browsing history and files. These help with cutting down on the amount of data and space it takes us on the computer, which eventually does lead to the slowing down of your computer. You can also run various programs and software automatically on your computer to keep things clean even if you forget about doing it. For example, some of the best mac cleaners can help add months or years onto the lifespan of your device.

Keep Liquids Away

You might not have a clumsy bone in your body, but accidents do happen, and keeping liquids close by to your electronic devices can be dangerous. Try to avoid having any liquid or food for that matter by your computer or laptop and if you do, make sure they aren’t within spilling distance of your PC. As tempting as it is to have a glass of water or cup of coffee by your side, it’s certainly not worth the potential money you’ll need to pay out to fix or replace your computer.

Backup Your Data

As a safety precaution, having a backup of your data is critical. You never know what could happen to your device, whether it’s old or brand new. A backup should be done every so often and automatically if required. Make sure that this backup is going somewhere other than saving onto your computer, otherwise, it’s pointless. An external hard drive is always a good recommendation, and it’s something you can easily plug in and remove. It’s also worth encrypting it with a password for security.

Have A Good Firewall Installed

Looking after your PC isn’t just about how you maintain it physically, but it’s also ensuring you have the right security in terms of a good firewall. These firewalls will protect your computer from cyber attacks and viruses that are floating around the online world. No one is safe from these attacks, so it’s good to take them seriously by improving your firewall security and keeping an eye on how it’s performing on a regular basis.

No one wants to have to pay for another computer if they can avoid it and with these devices having a shorter lifespan, you need to do as much as you can in order to keep it at it’s best. Keep up with the regular cleaning of it both internally and externally, backup your data. Avoid food and drink when working at your computer, and be sure to have a good firewall as security.