Turning Your Love For Culture Into A Career

Turning Your Love For Culture Into A Career

There are many skills that any individual may bring into a career. One might be a mathematical skill, the ability to calculate and manage accounts for the benefit of a corporate enterprise. Another may be an understanding of people best translated into marketing prowess, persuading people who do not have your products to purchase them and to enjoy having them as part of their daily life experience.

But what about passions? Can passions be translated into a career path, or are they only suitable for hobbies? And if we feel that way, then should we only focus on our natural talents to the detriment of all else? These questions, as they’re being asked here, can sound quite ridiculous and artificially divided. But that’s often how we speak to ourselves when considering our career path and how ‘realistic’ our chosen orientation might be. 

We’re here to help you consider, through the lens of someone with a passion for culture, how they might remove the shackles of the career ‘should’ and instead focus on their career ‘would’. Please consider the following advice to this end:

Find Institutions That Reflect Your Interests

We can often divorce our interests and ideal from what will earn us a living, but that’s not necessarily always something you have to do in order to be ‘realistic'. There are many businesses out there that make contributing to culture, exploring ideas, and championing education part of their daily impact. Not only this, but many firms have values that they like to spread, without intensely chasing profit as the first and last measure. Park West Gallery and their amazing auction opportunities are perhaps a perfect example of this, as they know that great art can never be corporate, and in order to assure a sale, you need to convey the true value of a piece, to begin with. Finding a career along those lines can always be worthwhile for someone of your disposition.

Become Great At What You Do

When you’re great at what you do, few will find it easy to dismiss what you have to say or what insights you could give. This is how well-researched individuals become antique dealers as putting their own money behind investments and resales may help them one day gather their business, and from there develop a more comprehensive portfolio. Becoming great at what you do is always the catalyst, and it can open you up to any potential niche.

Find That Common Community

Finding that community of culture-loving professionals, even if it’s in a humble place such as a mutual-interest Facebook group sharing job opportunities, can be one of the best means forward. You never know how might refer you to a job opening or who you may meet that has taken your ambitions and is running with them on a parallel journey. The more you can remain inspired by examples like this, the more you can ensure your forward path is possible.

With this advice, we hope you can turn your love for culture into a career that counts.