What’s Stopping You From Cycling To Work (& What To Do About It)

What’s Stopping You From Cycling To Work (& What To Do About It)

Whether it's because you want to save money on your commute, or you want to up your calorie burn rate, cycling to work can be an excellent idea. Sadly, many people can be put off doing so because of the inconvenience or impracticalities that using a bike as their primary form of transport can cause. Happily, such issues need no longer be a problem, as there is a myriad of ways to get around them. The best of which you can read about in the post below. 

It's too far. 

One common excuse for not cycling to work each day is that the commute is too long and the distance too far away. Of course, for some folks, this is a legitimate issue, but for many, it is something that can be easily overcome. 

In fact, if you are currently taking the train, why not do this for half of the journey and then cycle for the rest? You can even get folding bikes now no bigger than a briefcase. Something that means transporting them on trains or buses is no big deal. 

You may also wish to cut down the distance on the train ticket you buy seasonally too. An action that will save help you to save some money, as well as ensuring you get a good daily workout. 

Nowhere to shower at work.

One of the most prominent issues that can put people off cycling on their commute is that they don't want to have to deal with being sweaty all day at work. Something that can not only be pretty uncomfortable and unhygienic can but definitely affect the comfort of your coworkers as well. 

The solution for this issue is pretty easy, though, and it's to have a shower once you arrive at your destination. Happily, many businesses are now getting wise to this and installing staff showers in their premises. Although, even if your company doesn't have such facilities, you could use your gym membership, if you belong to a chain, and shower there. 

Don't want to get stuck out in the rain. 

It is also common to hear that people are put off cycling to work because they don't want to end up looking like drowned rats if they get caught in a downpour during their commute. Happily, there is now a wealth of waterproof and protective clothing that you can buy that will keep you nice and dry, no matter how bad the weather gets. 

You can even get rain protection for your gadgets as well like the handlebar bags from Bovem Life that allow you to access your phone during your ride. Something that means even if it is pouring, there is no excuse to not get in that saddle. 

Too dangerous.

Of course, safety is always a concern for any road user, no matter the type of vehicle they choose. In fact, cycling to work in busy cities with lots of rush hour traffic can sometimes be a terrifying ordeal. 

To that end, it is wise to plan your commute to avoid the worst of the rush. It also doesn't hurt to invest in some safety gear like a decent helmet or hi-vis jacket either. Especially if you are going to make cycling to work a regular thing.