You’re Not a Bad Person For Admitting Fault

You're Not a Bad Person For Admitting Fault

The easiest thing in the world is to convince yourself you are right. If it wasn’t, we would all have a troubling approach to our daily duties, and would likely feel too anxious to even begin. We have to keep a degree of confidence in order to live our lives and to feel secure in our actions. If we deeply questioned every action we took, well, nothing would get done at all.

That being said, we can sometimes take this too far. Perhaps convincing ourselves we are 100% right in every single argument we take part in, or never analyzing our habits can lead us to become brittle, bitter, and often quite inflexible people. This is never a good thing. Firstly, it stops you from connecting with others and stops your personality from being as grounded as it should. Secondly, it can also prevent you from seeing negative behaviors or habits you may be partaking in.

You’re not a worse person for admitting fault. Let us convince you of this with a loving approach

Admitting Your Worries

We all have fears and things we feel we have failed to achieve. It might be that admitting this can help you take that first step towards the addiction recovery center that could help you turn your life around. Maybe it will help you speak to your friend about the domestic abuse you are suffering at home and have suffered thus far. Maybe speaking to your doctor about agoraphobic symptoms you have been developing thus far can do the trick. No action takes place without your willingness to try.

Moving Away From Harmful Life Issues

Many people do not know that they can choose how they live, or perhaps change the situation they find themselves in. Perhaps if you are being belittled by a supposed loving partner, you can find measures to distance yourself and leave them, but only if you admit that this treatment is not correct. A toxic work situation might also be harming your confidence, and reporting this finally to HR could help you overcome those problems. Remember – you deserve self-respect as much as anyone else. Admitting you have failed to realize this can be your first step in the healing process.

Learning From Mistakes

It’s no great failing in a human being to make mistakes. In fact, it’s practically guaranteed. You can bet that those you truly admire have had their worst days, just as you have. Some of the best lawyers in the world have felt deep stress and personal inadequacy when faced with their BAR exam. It’s putting things into perspective and learning from the mistakes or the problems you have had that can separate you from them, and help you avoid experiencing them again. As they say – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being weak. But staying weak, that’s the problem.

With this advice, you’re certain to admit fault in pursuit of a better ‘you’.