10 Reasons to Love Jewelry (And How to Pick The Right Pieces for You)

10 Reasons to Love Jewelry (And How to Pick The Right Pieces for You)

We all know the Marilyn Monroe sang, “diamonds are a girl's best friend,” and as many will agree, there is no better feeling than getting a beautiful new diamond bracelet or trying on a pair of birthstone earrings. It might seem odd and even shallow to feel this way about jewelry, but here are a few reasons why we love it so much:  

1. There's something for every occasion

Whether it's a gift for your niece's birthday or something more elaborate like a necklace for your wedding day or your engagement rings, there's always a piece of jewelry for you. Jewelry comes in a vast variety of styles, colors, and choices; and because of this, there's something appropriate for every need, every occasion, need every price point.

2. It completes any outfit

Any piece of clothing goes well with a pair of simple diamond studs, and that's a fact! A piece of jewelry adds the finishing touch to any outfit and makes it complete. While certain universal pieces go with almost anything (like diamond earrings or beautiful pearls), there is also jewelry that can complement even the most complex of outfits. No matter what you are wearing, jewelry is the cherry on the cake to your look. It can make a simple or even dull outfit look more exciting, or it can add the final touches to an already existing glamourous look.

3. It can reflect the wearer

The best part about beautiful jewelry is that it shows off the style of its wearer, it is personal to you, and it can show and be a big part of your personality. Every piece of jewelry a person wears, whether it be a customizable engagement rings or a bangle, the jewelry that you choose to buy and wear reflects who you are.

4. Jewelry can be as formal as you want it to be

Most pieces of jewelry can be dressed up or down however you want them to be. Pearl studs, can be worn casually in day-to-day events, formally with your wedding dress, as part of your everyday work-wear, and everything in between. Jewelry is versatile in its wear.

5. It's customizable

Whether you're having a completely new custom piece made, renovating a piece of old family jewelry, or just getting your jewelry engraved, one of the great things about jewelry is it can be personalized and made uniquely yours. Customizing a piece of jewelry makes it as unique as you are or whoever is wearing it – and what could be better than that?

6. If it breaks, you can fix it

When a bracelet, necklace, or pair of earrings breaks, you don't have to buy a completely new piece. Instead, you can take it into a jewelry repair shop to get it as good as new.

7. Each piece has a meaning and story

While custom designed pieces have a story and a meaning, actually every piece of jewelry has a unique story of how and why it was purchased. Fine jewelry, in particular, isn't just jewelry, it's a memory.

8. It's universal

People all around the world, in every culture, wear jewelry. Jewelry doesn't require you to speak a certain language or know any particular customs. You can love beautiful jewelry, no matter where it is from, and you could even say that jewelry is the glue that binds the world together—it is an untouchable universal aspect of life.

9. It commemorates the special moments in life

Engagement rings, wedding bands, anniversary bands are all symbols and of the celebrations of life's most wonderful moments. Jewelry is there to celebrate and commemorate birthdays, engagements and other special occasions and a piece of jewelry is a keep-sake and memory to the beautiful reason behind its purchase, whatever that reason may be.

10. It becomes a part of you

The jewelry that you wear can become a part of your everyday signature look. Your jewelry can actually become a part of you. The jewelry that you wear regularly is there for every moment of your life, and some people start to feel incomplete without it when they have to take it off or have forgotten to put it on. Each time you wear it, a piece of jewelry becomes less of an accessory and more of a part of who you are.