Hesitating To Change Career? 3 Thoughts To Keep In Mind

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If you are unhappy on your current career path, the idea of making a complete switch can be incredibly tempting, but also incredibly daunting. After all, changing career can be disruptive; you may need to re-enter education, and the experience, contacts, and skills you have built in your current job are unlikely to be relevant to any new avenues you choose to explore.


If you’re a millennial, you are – at most – around the age of 40 at present. As a result, you have at the very least another 25 years of work ahead of you prior to retirement. If you’re dissatisfied with your career right now, then you could be facing a full quarter-century working in a job you already know that you dislike.

Could switching to a new job help matters?

While you may find that a new job – rather than an entirely new career – revitalize your interest somewhat, this effect can be fleeting, and you’ll soon find yourself facing the same issues you are currently experiencing. If your current career is not suitable for you, hesitating to take a leap and make the switch is effectively just delaying the inevitable.

Embrace the new

Rather than hesitating, try to see the chance to change your career as an opportunity; you can create a new, happier future in a field that is more suited to you. Spend a little time exploring different careers, take a few aptitude tests, and even think about how your star sign might help you choose the next career. The infographic below has a few suggestions for Librans, and similar advice is available for the other 11 signs of the Zodiac elsewhere online.

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