10 Signs You’re Entering the Fifth Dimension

10 Signs That You're Entering the Fifth Dimension

Compared to an operating system upgrade, this shift could be described as an overhaul. What are the signs you're entering the fifth dimension?

Before we can enter the fifth dimension, we must traverse the 4th dimension when ready to go beyond the 3rd dimension. There is much purification in the 4th since it is the realm of the heart, which is filled with love, oneness, and light. A true multi-dimensional reality exists in the 5th dimension, with a higher level of pure love, cosmic consciousness, and a true multi-dimensional perspective.

Throughout the next 2000 years, humanity will be enveloped in this photon belt of energy, causing a massive shift in consciousness. As everyone on our planet moves from third dimension consciousness into a fifth dimension “enlightened reality”, they will undergo a change in consciousness.

Throughout the shift, humanity will be united in harmony as one world working together in peace to create a peaceful Aquarian age. It will be digested and integrated at a very slow pace.

In my personal research with the inner worlds, I have discovered there are 7 basic signs that you have entered the 5th dimension through deep meditation practices. The cool thing is that anyone can experience these signs. The shift from the third dimension to the fifth dimension will bring you many more multi-dimensional experiences, but these 7 signs will always be present.

In remaining true to your highest self and in trusting, loving, and surrendering to it, you will naturally ascend and open yourself up to experiencing the 5th Dimension with joy and effortless ease.

The best advice I've ever received was not to take the shift too seriously, to have fun, and to remember that this is all part of the shift that will awaken us individually as well as collectively. It is an amazing journey to experience this grand spiritual adventure!

1. Reforming the energy body

One of the effects of moving into the fifth dimension is that your energy body will be restructured. Totally. It may be more difficult to spot, but once the restructuring is complete, you will definitely feel it.

As a soul healer, I enjoy doing this very much.

You can think of it as an upgrade. You may notice right away that you need to address the stress you've carried since childhood, as well as clear out your system of stress.

You will also become more aware of the old patterns as you let them go.

It will be easier for you to release the heavy negative issues you're carrying.

All souls are here to learn the lessons that their souls were sent here to learn.  We will teach you how to let go, how to let go of your negativity, incompetence, incompetence, and poverty consciousness.  You'll be able to let go of all that old heavy baggage you've accumulated throughout your lifetime!  In order to access these higher vibrational levels of the fourth dimension and fifth dimension, full of trust, lightness, laughter, and love, you must do so.

Old memories that your body is holding on to but are not of the highest frequency will come up and be felt, reviewed, and re-experienced. In order to use this information effectively, you need to take it as a springboard to take you deeper into yourself, so that you can become one with it, melt into it, and transform it.  Alchemy is at the heart of entering the fifth dimension.

You will not spend years or months in psychotherapy to dissolve your karma, you will dissolve it in seconds or minutes! Your inner juicer will be turned up to speed and turn your dense heavy substances (thoughts and feelings) to make liquid light, removing the pulp, preserving the nutrients, and giving you the most profound enlightened experience of a lifetime!

2. Occasionally, your reality experiences ‘glitches'

There are several signs that indicate a dimensional shift is taking place in your reality, the most noticeable being glitches. There are many forms of synchronicity, such as constant synchronicity, deja vu, feeling the energy in the air, past life memories showing up in your day-to-day life, and synchronistic encounters.

Glitches like these may cause you to take a step back and wonder if reality is as you thought it was. Even small occurrences can remain with us for years, making us feel like we have seen behind the scenes.

As we go through our days, we become more aware of the interconnectedness of everything, as well as the energy that permeates all existence. These glitches are just another sign you're entering the fifth dimension.

3. Vibrational Energy

In addition to becoming more sensitive to vibrations, you may also show signs of the fifth dimension. With your heightened sense of empathy and preference for environments with lighter energy, you can read people's true feelings much more easily.

Additionally, you realize that your energy is your most valuable asset and that taking care of yourself is no longer optional. You make it a priority to take care of yourself.

4. A vivid dream turns waking life into a dream

Your dreams will become particularly vivid if you have experienced a shift. When you wake up from dreams, you are usually filled with intense emotions, feeling as if what you experienced was real in some way or realizing that it was symbolic in some way.

It can also feel like we're in a dream while we're awake. We may feel more lucid and everything seems more pleasant as we go about our daily lives. It is not uncommon for us to be complemented by strangers or to hear someone mention something we were contemplating.

We become aware of this because as our consciousness increases, we begin to recognize the interconnectedness between the dream and waking worlds. Our dreams are real, and our waking lives are false or dreamlike.

There is a closing of the gap. Sometimes, we dream about a scenario only to see it unfold the following day, or have incredibly lucid dreams where dream characters speak to us in great detail. If you feel like you're living in a dream world, it could be a sign you're entering the fifth dimension.

5. Let Your Light Shine

You'll need to shift your frequency, energy, inner light, and the essence of your being in order to shift to the fifth dimension.

It will be difficult for you to carry others with you as an individual who has chosen to make this transition at this time.

It may feel like you HAVE to shine, but you know you have the light inside of you.

The energy of your soul will become more apparent as you embody more of it. If you shine, you will be tuned into your true vibration. Rather than feeling forced to do something, you'll experience joy while being true to yourself.

You will experience unaccountable synchronistic events regularly as well as “miraculous” manifestations.

Every day will be filled with amazing synchronicities. There will always be “signs” coming from the Universe telling you what to do and where to go. The experience will feel like you are traveling through a magical world with the possibility of anything!

You will begin to see the 4th and 5th dimensions through your third eye when it is fully open. In this case, you may begin to see lights or portals in the sky, or even right across your kitchen table. You will gradually see more of what is really around you as the veil between dimensions gets thinner.

As you become one with the oneness of all things, science and spirituality will be merged into one and you will be able to comprehend exactly how everything works. By practicing listening to your higher guides, you will be able to learn anything regarding anyone at any time.

6. We feel that time is expanding

It is also common to feel that time has become more expansive when undergoing a dimension shift. An individual may experience temporary memory loss, feeling like time has passed quickly, and not being able to place the days.

Whenever we examine symptoms such as these, it is imperative to make sure that they are placed in their proper context; make sure not to mistake a mental or physical problem for one that is spiritual. It is just as important to keep your physical body and mind healthy throughout the process of awakening.

When you experience memory loss, it may feel as if you are simply a point of consciousness, as if all you have are the physical memories from this lifetime. Even mundane activities can trigger memories from the past. A feeling that time is expanding is just one more sign you're entering the fifth dimension.

7. Integration and embodied experience

Integration and embodiment are next on the list of fifth dimension signs. The denser energies will become lighter and you'll feel more whole when everything changes at the emotional, physical, and mental levels.

You feel drawn toward embodying the new fifth dimension energy into your life when you have completed a few deep cleansing sessions.

Your human and spiritual selves will become increasingly entwined, and eventually, you'll no longer be able to separate them.

8. Feeling one with everything around you

When you've reached a higher state of consciousness, you feel like you're not alone, like you are connected to everything around you.

Nature's connection to you can be felt when you walk among trees, birds, or even bodies of water. Whenever you walk, animals and people are taken aback by your presence. Babies are happy to see you. What they are feeling and perceiving is your energy.

If you are on your wavelength, you will encounter people that mention things that you were thinking, meet you at your moment of need, or telepathically communicate with you.

In this physical incarnation, they act as your soul family.

Your true multidimensional self has miraculous powers you can access

You can manifest the most amazing things with your mind since time and space are illusions and matter is energy and consciousness.

We can teach you how to pass your hand through a solid surface, to physically levitate above the ground, to mentalize objects, to bi-locate, to be in more than one place at once, and practically anything you can think of.

As you travel to other dimensions and worlds with your body, advanced beings will assist you. With this experience, you will enter into the sphere of your existence, which means that you will instantly be able to experience anything you desire in your life, past, or future.

During our time here, we all want to have as much fun as possible. In order to fully experience this world in the most enlightening and enjoyable way, we must keep a high-frequency level during this time of increased energy and vibration. This can only be accomplished by searching deeply within ourselves and resting in the silent source at the center of who we are. Getting into the “unknown zone” requires letting go of all your old habits, and letting go of your old comforts.

8. Power from within: Another sign you're entering the fifth dimension

You step into your inner power as the next fifth dimension sign. Having an ego has nothing to do with your inner power. You will feel more connected to your higher self when you are in touch with your power.

There's less chance that you'll trust certain ideas, theories, sensations, or people with your power. It will be apparent to you that you are already equipped with everything you need.

9. Experiencing higher consciousness

The clearest sign that you have entered the fifth dimension and beyond is that your thinking has changed. Maybe you don't even recognize yourself.

You become clearer in your mind and are able to see through ego illusions. Your consciousness will eventually become lighter and more spacious, and your mind will become more stable and calm.

10. Reception

You become rooted in the present moment as you shift to the fifth dimension frequency. Your past and circumstances become more tolerable.

From a higher-expanded – consciousness, you look at your life from a different perspective, which makes you more accepting of yourself and other people.

Ian Walsh