10 Tips To Feel Good On The Inside

10 Tips To Feel Good On The Inside

To look good on the outside requires you to spend some time focusing on how to treat the inside. Everything that we eat, drink and do has a knock on effect not only to our physical health but also our mental wellbeing too. Here are ten tips to feel good on the inside.

Exercise Regularly

Not everyone loves to exercise, and it's often a task that's put off with excuses. However, as you get older, you don't have the same lifestyle you had as a child. You're drinking and eating more, which all has an impact on your weight.

Not only that but you are busier with a career and social life, which means you don't get to have the luxury of a regular exercise routine. However, it's always possible to fit in exercise, even if it's just a twenty-minute work out in the comfort of your own home. Look at your health currently and ask yourself if you're doing enough exercise.

Ideally, you want to be going to a class or gym three times a week, if not more. Twenty minutes of exercise a day is what's a usual recommendation.

If you're not doing enough, then look into different exercises, classes, and sports. There will be something out there that you enjoy and will actually have fun doing, rather than loathing it. Boost that motivation to go by treating yourself to some new workout clothing or signing yourself up for things you may not usually go for. If you book a class, you're more likely to see it through and go because you've paid for it.

Boost Your Social Calendar

Looking after your mental health is just as important as your physical health. A strong social calendar is needed to ensure you're meeting up with those you love, building friendships and making memories. It's all about having the right balance and giving yourself some free time to see friends and family members.

If you don't feel like your social calendar is looking very busy then make it busier. Reach out to your friends and organize a catch-up. See family more often, whether they live locally or further afield. We all need these social connections to function as human beings, and without it, life can certainly be a little lonely.

Social life doesn't mean you always have to spend money either. You could do a movie night in front of the TV at home, throw it back with a slumber party or throw a dinner party with close friends.

Drink More Water

Water has a very big influence over your general health. We can sometimes neglect to drink water, even if it's right there in front of us. We should be drinking several pints of water over the course of the day, but that's not always possible, especially if a toilet isn't within easy reach. However, there should be an aim to drink as much water as you can.

Water can help get rid of toxins in the body, amongst other bad bacteria. It gives a boost to your energy levels and can help in giving you a more glowing appearance. Your skin cells are made up of mostly water, so water is something it needs in abundance. If you don’t like water as it is, try adding some natural flavoring to it. Lemon slices work quite well as does cucumber. Avoid any sugary cordials if possible!

10 Tips To Feel Good On The Inside

Keep Up With Health Checks

There really is no excuse when it comes to your personal health. Often we do get busy, but there should always be a priority for when health checks come around. Ensure that you take advantage of these opportunities to speak with your doctor, dentist, etc. to discuss any concerns you may have that have been on your mind for a while now.

You should always book an appointment outside of these health checks if you ever come across something that’s a concern. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your health, and it can ease the weight off your mind to know it’s nothing serious. Make sure you are registered at all the various clinics in all aspects of your bodily health.

Get A Fixed Sleep Routine

Getting yourself into a routine can be challenging, but once you’ve done it a few times, it gets easier. Sleep is important for the body in order to recover and repair itself after a hard day of being up and about. A lack of sleep causes problems for your body’s health and for the mind also.

In order to create a fixed sleep routine, you first need to create a trigger for your body to recognize that it’s time to wind down. It could be changing into your pajamas or having herbal tea. You should be getting around seven to nine hours of sleep per night, and it’s ideal to avoid napping in the afternoons.

Cut Down On Bad Habits

Bad habits won’t be doing your body any favors. So this means things like smoking and alcohol are best to be cut down or removed completely.

That might be easier said than done but even cutting down a little bit may make a big difference to how you feel on a daily basis. Om Vapors are a good way of substituting cigarettes for a reasonably more healthier alternative. It might also help you avoid smoking more cigarettes in the long run, which would be good for both your health and wallet!

Spending too much time in front of the TV or computer can also have an impact on your body’s posture. It’s important to spend more time outdoors or at least getting up to walk around every so often.

Eat The Right Food

What you put into your body will give you a level of energy that you need to function throughout the day. Making sure you’re eating the right food on a daily basis is crucial to your overall health and how you feel on the inside. So avoid any fatty foods, anything that’s too salty or high in sugar or carbohydrates.

Avoid carbohydrates in the evening as your body’s metabolism slows down during this point, and it will take longer to digest. Junk food is fine in moderation but remembers to balance this out with plenty of exercise, fresh fruit, and vegetables. Keep an eye on your portion sizes as you may be eating more than you should be.

10 Tips To Feel Good On The Inside

Give Yourself A Little Self-Care

Self-care is a phrase that’s been more popular nowadays as we become conscious of the fact that we do work a lot harder than we used to. With the digital world, there’s more competition and awareness of what makes us work at a rate where we can easily burn ourselves out.

Take a bit of time to spend on yourself, rather than focusing on anything else. Make it a priority in the diary every now and then to treat yourself to something. That might be a hair cut, a massage, or reading a book in the bath for an hour. Do what makes you happy and ensure you’re doing this on a regular basis.

Remember To Balance Work And Life

Speaking of work, we’re all seeking a better work-life balance and it’s something we should all strive to achieve. Work does require the attention of most of your time on this earth, however, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim to have more time for your personal life. See if your workplace offers flexible working so that you can spend some time working from home instead of in the office. Challenge the need for more annual leave and discuss arrangements where you could maybe receive rewards for your hard work in the form of extra time off.

Stay In Your Own Lane

And finally, remember to stay in your own lane. Social media and the online world, in general, can be a very toxic space. It can be very easy to compare yourself to others who are, in your eyes, doing better than you. Stay focused on yourself and don’t worry so much about other people. Everyone has their successes and failures in life, and when it comes to social media, people only want to put their best side on view. Take it all with a pinch of salt and focus on what makes you happy, instead of looking at others.

Hopefully, these tips will work towards a more content and happier you. In order to feel good on the inside, exercise well and put only good foods into your body. Try cutting down on bad habits and communicating more with your friends and family to create a more active social life. Remember that balance of work and life with giving yourself time to spend on yourself. Keep up with those health checks and don’t forget to get plenty of shut-eye when needed. Do all of this, and you’ll certainly find yourself feeling better on the inside.