11 Vintage Posters Depicting Real Food

The generations before us have left a legacy that I hope we will not soon forget.

My grandmother was one of those who left a legacy of a lifetime. She was a sweet but strong woman as was evidenced by her strong work ethic. She worked hard, but she also made things seem effortless. You see, her generation in particular had a way of simplifying life, making time for what was important and leaving the rest.

What was important to her? Home, family, and food.

As a farmer's wife, my grandmother could appreciate the hard work that went into a meal. She was never without a garden, whether a large garden on the farm, or a few small plants in the backyard as she grew older.

My grandmother NEVER wasted food. Produce was canned or frozen and leftovers were always reheated for the next meal or sent home with guests. It seems like she baked something every day of her life, and kept a freezer full of cookies, pies, and goodies so that she was never left without something to offer friends or family who were visiting or in need.

My dear grandmother passed away recently, so I dedicate this to her. Though these were generations of budding new packaged and processed food companies, it was also still a time when real food was held dear. I feel a sense of pride looking into the past via these pictures.


(and don't forget to leave a comment telling me about your parent's or grandparent's legacy)

1. The Alden Fruit Vinegar

Creative commons image by Boston Public Library

2. Fry's Pure Cocoa

Creative commons image by jbcurio

3. Sunkist Lemons

Creative commons image by jbcurio

4. Vintage Party Burgers

Creative commons image by adrigu

5. Best Ice Cream Freezers

Creative commons image by Boston Public Library

6. The Universal Food Chopper

Creative commons image by DanCentury

7. Make Meat Go Further

Creative commons image by jbcurio

8. Taste the Difference

Creative commons image by jbcurio

9. Iron Rich Vegetables


Creative commons image by perpetualplum

10. Plano Harvesting Machinery

Creative commons image by pds209

11. 250 Ways to Prepare Meat

Creative commons image by  x-ray delta one

Which is your favorite?


Vanessa Pruitt, PLMHP, MS

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