4 Enticing Reasons to be Single

4 Enticing Reasons to be Single

Considering how hard some breakups are, oftentimes it really can feel like the end of the world.  You can’t possibly imagine life without them and you and you’ll never meet someone quite like them. When you’re fresh off a breakup, it can be difficult to step back, cease the self-pity, and look at the big picture. 

Here’s the big picture: Your breakup could be the turning point of your life, in some of the best ways possible. While not being in a relationship can get a bit lonely sometimes, there are so many reasons that a single life can be everything you didn’t know you needed. It’s time to change your perspective, start over, and embrace your newfound freedom. Here are some enticing reasons that being single is not the end of your world, but just the beginning. 

1. There’s less stress and more time for self-care

Relationships encourage us to focus a lot of our energy on another person, and that can take a lot out of you. Arguing, deception, or tension can begin to weigh on you, and symptoms can begin to show in the form of hair loss, acne, or even depression. When you start to see symptoms of stress impacting your daily routine or your overall mood, don’t let it go recognized; it could be time to cut ties and start partaking in a little self-care. 

When you’re single, you’ll have tons of time to focus on the things that you’ve been neglecting while taking part in a draining relationship. Consider reaching out to a doctor to treat personal issues like balding for men or irregular cycles for women. You may also want to consider connecting with a counselor to focus on your mental health.  These are all positive steps towards rebuilding your confidence and embracing your independence. Take the time to participate in a little self-care and self-love and you’ll start realizing being on your own isn’t all that bad. 

2. You get to know more people

It’s possible that the thought of getting back into the dating world either makes you really intimidated… or really excited. Either way, being single gives you the opportunity to meet so many new people whether you plan on dating them or not. You’re no longer tied down one person or one group of friends, and you can finally go out and explore what amazing people that are out in this world. 

Get out and about, introduce yourself to everyone, and get to know them. Ask questions and learn about people. If you’re super shy, try friendship apps that set you up with people of similar interests. Not every person you meet has to be the start of a love story or lifelong friendship; many people will come and go. But, even if you’re hesitant, step out of your comfort zone and enjoy life experiences you might not have been able to while in a relationship so you can make new memories. 

3. You’ll save some money

In and around your 20s, chances are you have student loans, car payments, and cell phone bills consuming a large portion of your budget. If you’re bombarded with bills, but you’re also trying to build up a savings account, being single will most definitely benefit you. You’ll be shocked to hear studies show that couples spend close to $140 a month on their relationship

Depending on your financial situation, knocking $140 a month off the budget for the month could be one of the most significant reasons to be single. Instead of buying gifts, ordering at restaurants for two, or traveling to see your partner, you can spend money on you and only you, buying only what you want and need. Use your time alone to set up a budget, start saving up, and prioritizing the necessary spending. Plus, being financially savvy on your own is a skill that will benefit you long into the future, whether you’re single or taken.

4. You can spend more time learning about yourself 

The cliché is true: Sometimes you can’t fully love someone until you love yourself. When you’re in an unhealthy or unhappy relationship, you might be neglecting the parts of you that need attention. Being single allows you more time to learn about yourself: what bothers you, and what you need to be happy. When you practice self-exploration, you can identify what motivates you, and what gives you the confidence to grow independently.

Every day you wake up, think about what you can do to discover more about yourself. Your steps toward self-discovery can start out as efforts as small as setting goals, meditation, or journaling your feelings. Instead of perceiving the single life as a bad thing, acquire a positive mindset and channel that energy into becoming more open-minded. Try something new, take chances, and you might just find there’s so much more to learn about yourself than you thought. 

The moral of the story is that it’s more than okay to be single; in most cases, it’s great for your mental and physical well-being. Start thinking of being single as an opportunity rather than a disappointment. There will be plenty of time to find the love of your life, so take advantage of the time you have and enjoy life with the most important person: you.