4 Ways to Maintain Your Hearing Aids

4 Ways to Maintain Your Hearing Aids

Just like every medical device, your hearing aid requires regular maintenance so that it keeps working flawlessly and without any issues. Your hearing aid is meant to last a minimum of 3 years –many last as long as 10. 

Unfortunately, many people take it for granted and assume that the device will work indefinitely. Well, the reality is if you don’t take good care of it, it may not last that long. In this post, we’ll be sharing tips on how you can maintain the aids and avoid doing things that will cause the device to break down faster than it should.

Careful With the Handling

Your hearing aid is a delicate piece of technology. Sure, it’s designed to withstand prolonged usage. But that doesn’t mean that you should be careless with it. 

As much as possible, avoid dropping it or throwing it around. And when you want to remove it, do so gently. This way, you won’t damage the delicate components that make up the device. 

Clean Periodically

Over time, many people find that the device doesn’t transmit as much sound to their ears as it used to when they first got it. Before you panic and rush off to the audiologist thinking your hearing has worsened or assumed that it needs to be repaired, why not check to see if there’s debris or ear wax blocking the inner tube. 

Earwax often builds up in the opening that delivers the sound to the ears. This often distorts and muffles sounds, leading to the patient not hearing as well as they should. 

In some instances, it causes noisy feedback that can further hurt the ears. Use the wax pick and brush that comes with the device to clean the wax frequently. This will keep it in top shape. 

Keep Them Away from Moisture

Moisture and humidity damages hearing aids, so make sure that there’s no contact with moisture. If you need to go out in the rain, make sure you have an umbrella, a hat, scarf, or head warmer to cover your hair and the ear. 

If you have to work out, consider removing the hearing aid for the duration of the workout. If not, get a sweat protector headband that will protect the device. This also means that you shouldn’t use this in the bathroom when you’re having your bath, washing your face, or doing any rituals pertaining to water.

Always keep the device dry or put it in a dry place. If you have a dehumidifier, put the hearing aid near it when you’re not using it. If you don’t just get silica gels and put them in the device case. 

Remove the Battery at Night

Before you go to sleep at night, turn off the device and remove the battery. If you don’t want to remove that battery, that’s fine. 

But audiologists often recommend this as a way to ensure that the device and your battery lasts a really long time. Plus it allows the compartment to dry out properly. If yours has a rechargeable battery, place it on the recharging dock as recommended.