5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Marijuana in Modern Medicine

29 states and DC have legalized Marijuana with 84% public approval. Though most users focus on the recreational uses of marijuana, its medical applications are numerous. You may know some of these benefits, but new ones are being discovered in clinical trials. Here are five health benefits to surprise you next time you blaze a tree.

Calms Chemotherapy

You know that marijuana treats cancer. What you might not know is that it also reduces the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy. The relaxing effects of THC ease the pain and calm down nausea that comes from chemo.

Weed's munchies effect also comes in handy here as it negates the appetite loss from chemo, helping patients under treatment maintain their body weight.

Cannabis Blocks Alzheimer

In early clinical studies, medical marijuana has been linked to the prevention and reversal of Alzheimer's disease. A 2006 study found that the chemical THC, the main product of marijuana, blocks the enzyme in the brain that produces amyloid plaques.

These plaques are associated with Alzheimer's as they kill brain cells, leading the memory loss and personality disruption that makes Alzheimer's a terror of old age. Scientists have produced a synthetic drug mixing THC and other chemicals that will actively prevent Alzheimer, and studies are underway to see if more potent forms can reverse the effects of the disease.

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Cannabis Calms IBS

Marijuana doesn't just calm your mind, it calms your digestive system too. THC and cannabidiol interact with the body's digestive system, aiding the cells responsible for gut functionality.

Our body naturally makes a compound that increases the permeability of intestinal cells, allowing in potentially harmful bacteria. THC makes these cells bond tighter, decreasing the influx of bacteria and aiding your bowel movement.

Cannabis as a Dietary Aide

Despite causing the munchies, there's evidence that marijuana helps curb obesity and even benefits your sugar levels. A study found that stoners had a 37% lower rate of obesity.

On top of that, cannabis users possess lower insulin levels, giving them a healthier blood sugar content on top of a slimmer waistline. This can be a major boost to the 86 million Americans suffering from diabetes.

Reference: Forbes | Yes, There Is A Type of Pot That Helps You Lose Weight

Cannabis Combats PTSD

Marijuana helps control the part of your brain that causes you anxiety and fear. The result of this is easing of the symptoms of PTSD as the sufferer's fears abate, and additional clinical studies are researching into the benefits of such treatment.

While the governments of the world are still debating on the legality of marijuana, medical and scientific research is continuing to explore the uses of THC. Certain the world would love for it to be a wonder drug for many of our ailments, but proper testing and research must be achieved first. However, at the moment, marijuana does have several compelling arguments for its legality and medical use.

Reference: The CBD Insider | Federal Gov Grants $1.5 Million for Research into ‘Minor Cannabinoids and Terpenes'

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Ian Walsh