4 Reasons You Should Study Chemistry

Learning about scientific things is vital, and chemistry is one of the essential sciences to enroll in while in college. If you failed to take a chemistry course at a young age, then it is never too late to learn more about this type of science while you are enrolled in a course. Here are some of the fantastic reasons to study chemistry.

Chemists are In Demand

If you are struggling to find a job in a tough economy, then you should know that chemists are in demand. There are different types of specialties within the field of chemistry, and some areas such as composite or electronic manufacturing have a shortage of knowledgeable chemists.

Not only is there a shortage of chemists, but also, chemists are paid a higher wage than the average employee is paid in other industries. Look into taking an aptitude test or personality test to help you determine if chemistry is the right field for you. 

Developing New Technologies

You can help the world by developing new technologies in the field of chemistry, including developing pharmaceuticals. Chemists create new compounds of chemicals, and record the reactions of chemicals to different substances in order to help people overcome illnesses or to improve products.

Chemists work in medical facilities, manufacturing plants, and other locations to develop new products that people require for daily living.

Learn to Detect Common Toxins

There are good and bad chemicals all around us, but if you enroll in a chemistry class, then you will learn to detect common toxins. There are toxic substances in natural and man-made items, but the everyday person may not recognize a poison when they see it.

Scientist who have completed chemistry courses will notice a toxin by its appearance or odor and could even recognize the effects of odorless and colorless substances. Carbon monoxide gas or CO, for example, has no color or taste. It can't be detected by our senses. In high concentrations though, it can be deadly.

Scientific Show and Tell

After learning about chemistry, you can impress others at your child’s next birthday party by hosting a fun chemistry demonstration. It’s surprising how many homemade scientific experiments could be done simply using everyday household items. Some examples could include instant ice sculptures, elephant toothpaste, dancing goop, and even the famous coke bottle explosion caused by mentos.

Not only will the children and parents love your demonstration, but you could use this opportunity to get the children interested in chemistry as you explain how the reactions were made possible.

How to Learn About Chemistry

You don’t need to drive for several hours to a college campus to enroll in a science class because there are online chemistry courses. With an online class, you can watch a professor’s lecture, look at experiments and learn more about the different careers in the field of chemistry. And even if you’re not looking for a career change, establishing a habit of learning is going to be a great asset for your overall satisfaction with life.

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Ian Walsh