5 Ideas To Experience Childhood Playfulness as an Adult

5 Ideas To Experience Childhood Playfulness as an Adult

The imagination and the exploration of the unknown – these are some things that children do naturally. So it's not a surprise that adults can get their best ideas and accomplish their most productive work when they're in a playful mood too. This article will discuss five ways to incorporate playfulness into your daily life to experience more creativity and joy.

Climb Trees

Everyone knows that climbing trees is a great way to enjoy nature and get some exercise. But, have you ever considered this as an adult? There are so many benefits of tree-climbing: it can help reduce stress levels, improve your mood and make you more creative.

The next time you're at the park with your kids or in a nearby forest, give it a try. You'll find that climbing trees as an adult can be thrilling! And, don't worry-you won't need any special gear to do it. 

Try To Get Excited About Everything for Fun

The idea is to pretend that everything you do has a purpose, even if it does not. This will make you try to get excited about everything, even if it seems boring.

For example, you might think drawing and coloring to be pointless, but getting excited with adult coloring books can quickly relieve stress, spark some creativity and live in the moment instead of overthinking your troubles.

Also, getting excited about things you wouldn’t otherwise do is an excellent way to escape your everyday life. For example, suppose you’re an artist, engaging in anything but art, say planting the garden can help elevate your artistry passively.

Talk About Something You Love All the Time

Doing this can help get past depression or anxiety and make workdays more enjoyable and productive.

Talk about

* Favorite childhood memories.

* The most recent thing you did for fun, and why it was so much fun.

* Your favorite way to experience play as an adult. This may be through a hobby like golfing or knitting or creating your games with friends. It could also simply be going outside and being active outdoors.

Go On an Adventure

Go on an adventure with a friend. Take turns choosing where to go and what adventures you will have on the way there, such as exploring different neighborhoods or seeing how many ice cream cones you can grab in one day. The possibilities are endless!

Focusing on this idea of playfulness is important because it's easy to get caught up in things that may seem more productive, like work. However, these activities won't always be fulfilling if you don't allow yourself time for fun and creativity outside your daily routines.

Permit yourself to live life like a child would: without overthinking everything and worrying about all the possible bad outcomes that could happen.

Dance a Lot

If you could only do one activity, this would be the best way to inject some playfulness into your life. You can also use music as a guide for the dance moves that come next. It is easy enough for anyone of any age or ability level, and it’s hard not to have fun while doing it. 

Naturally, you will need a space with no nearby objects and good speakers with high volume on an mp player or radio. Find a comfortable spot in the room and begin dancing anytime during the song without interruptions.


If you didn’t play as much during your childhood, this is as good an opportunity as any to reenact those experiences. Use the above ideas to bring out the younger you and have fun as an adult.